A little over a year ago we reached out to you, our community, to share your favourite moments and sightings, or to share what the daily safaris mean to you. The goal was to create a book by and for the WildEarth community, but this project was not brought to completion. With the 14th birthday of daily LIVE safaris coming up on April 27th, we want to now finish and publish this book.

While we already received a large number of great and moving stories last year, a lot has happened since then and there is room for more. So, if you have not yet shared your story about a favourite sighting or moment and why it is so special to you, or about what the safaris mean to you, please do send it to  and it might still be included in the book.

But, even if you do not have a full story to share, but simply want to let us know you’re watching and are part of our community, simply leave a quick comment on this quick form. We will include as many of these as we can in a special community section of the book.

We want to print this as a high-quality coffee table book but have found it is virtually impossible to predict ahead of time what the costs per book would be. The reason is that this depends heavily on how many books are printed and where they need to be shipped to. The more we can print, and the more go to specific countries, the lower the costs will be. To avoid having to set the price too high, or risk making a loss on each book, we’ve therefore split sales into two parts.

The first option is to purchase an e-book only, and the second one to also indicate you would like a hardcopy coffee table book in addition to your e-book. Then, if we get enough people to reserve a hardcopy, and know the shipping destinations, we can set a final and accurate price. We estimate that if we can make the print run at least 500 books, we can make the production and shipping affordable. On our site, we’ve given an indication of what we think the delivered cost of the book would be on this basis for some destinations.

Please do check out the book page on our site for more information and pricing. We’re offering an ‘Early Bird’ discount of 20% on all books bought before the end of March!

We look forward to completing this beautiful together with you and to reading all your stories and comments!