Do you think that Friday the 13th is just about avoiding ladders and running at the first sign of a black cat? While the superstitions around Friday the 13th may have started in the Northern hemisphere, here at the southern tip of Africa, things that are considered lucky or unlucky are a little different. Did you know that seeing an elephant is considered to be a lucky omen in many cultures in South Africa? Or that having a Hammerkop land on your roof can be thought of as a sign of bad luck to come and may even presage death? 

WE consider ourselves very lucky to be based in a country filled with a plethora of beliefs and superstitions. This week, WE have been focusing on some of these popular traditions and WE have a special guest for today’s Friday 13th sunset safari who has a wealth of traditional stories and superstitious rituals to share. WE are going on the prowl for all things unlucky in the bush!

WE will be telling you which bird can warn you of the approach of a Tokoloshe, a creature sent to cause misfortune and what to do if one is creeping around at night. If you see a gull on Penguin Beach, you will learn what it is carrying and why you shouldn’t touch one and what the cries of a cormorant mean. Join us as WE delve into the rich traditional history of our country and her rainbow people.

So if you feel your luck needs to change or that you need a health or financial boost, stay tuned for our superstition-filled safari! From popular traditional healing medicine to how to increase your wealth with a tortoise, WE will have many tips for you as we search out all the harbingers of bad luck and tell you what you can do to avoid them!

Our special sunset safari starts at 2:30pm CAT on Friday 13th May.