WildEarth wants to let you know that we are aware that many of you have found the change to shorter but more frequent advertising breaks on our channel very disruptive. As most of you are aware we have to have advertising breaks so that we can generate the revenue required to keep WildEarth on air. The WildEarth Channel broadcasts globally and in some countries such as South Africa, there are fewer commercial adverts available and so we regularly have to fill this space with WildEarth promotions.

WE have heard you and understood that the repetitive nature of WildEarth promos, along with the frequency of the ad breaks is reducing your enjoyment of WildEarth and have, therefore, decided to return to running 4 x 2.5 minutes ad breaks per hour. And to moving these ad breaks to being in-between your sightings, rather than during them.

In addition, we have decided to redesign the ad break so that you will only ever see one WildEarth promo after which, if there are no other commercial adverts, you will see a countdown clock back to the LIVE show.  

WE hope these changes will improve your experience. Explorers will of course not see any ad breaks and will continue to be able to watch the channel uninterrupted. For only $5.99/month you too could go “ad-free”. 

WE value your feedback and will continue to try to improve and grow. Over the next few weeks, WE will be sharing more feedback as we launch some new products and locations. We look forward to hearing from you.