The dangers of rhino poachers and the devastating number of rhinos that have lost their lives in the last decade meant that showing rhinos on our channel was no longer safe or helpful to their cause. 

For this reason, rhinos have been shown less in the media for a long time. However, this omission does come at a price. Removing rhinos from your screen causes a distinct lack of awareness of their plight. Over time we lose touch with the happenings in their daily lives. Their behaviours, mannerisms and personalities fade into the background of the conservation effort. Watching their family ties grow and the various dynamics between them gets lost. The magic and awe of a rhino sighting in the wild slowly fade from memory. Here at WildEarth, we strive to forge a bond between our viewers and the natural world by broadcasting it to you. But we understand the difficulty of supporting a cause that cannot be seen or felt.

And so, thanks to a very dedicated team in the Sabi Sand Nature Reserve that has worked tirelessly to dehorn their rhino,  it has now been deemed safe enough for the rhinos to appear back on camera. This on-screen inclusion is a great leap forward in rhino conservation. We commend the Sabi Sand team for all their hard work and feel honoured to play our part in spreading awareness for this beautiful species. With the rhinos back on-screen, they are far less likely to be killed for their horns, and their presence in the bush and our hearts can be felt once more. We hope to let you see the impact of your contributions for yourself. 

To ensure that we do not implicate or encourage any poaching, WildEarth will not be disclosing the locations of the rhinos that we show on screen. If you would like to read more about the incredible dehorning effort and how that process takes place, visit the Sabi Sand website here:

We continue to share their stories to foster a sense of connection between animals and viewers without hampering their safety. You can expect to see rhinos back on screen from the beginning of the sunrise safari on Monday 22nd August.