The lion is a creature with a history full of myth and legend. Interestingly, it is one of the most widely recognized animal symbols in human culture. For example in Africa lions appear in folk stories, proverbs, and dances. The word lion in Swahili is famously known to be “Simba”.“Simba’ also means “lion”, “aggressive”, “king” and “strong”.  

Lions have left their paw prints throughout history from the roaring and striding lion in the throne room of Nebuchadnezzar II to the mythic Nemean lion that Hercules defeats, represented as the constellation and zodiac sign Leo. 

Unsurprisingly, World Lion Day falls on the 10th of August during Leo season every year. What is surprising however is how unknown the plight of the lion is. There are around 23,000 African lions left in the wild which means they’re now officially classified as ‘vulnerable’. This is why World Lion Day matters.

WildEarth is coming together on the 10th of August to celebrate and commemorate the immensely powerful creature. This will include a special lion sunset safari, delving into some of the most fantastic footage Wildearth has in our archives of the prides of lions over the years. Thankfully this World Lion Day will all culminate in an Ask Me Anything on lions with Ben and Cedric. You can learn everything there is to know about this beautiful species and become more connected to nature with us.

Show your support for these breathtaking animals this year by coming along to watch.