It is with great sadness that I announce my resignation as CEO of WildEarth.

Emily and I co-founded WildEarth 15 years ago at Djuma with the mission to connect people with nature. In spite of many ups and downs we remained true to that mission and I believe we achieved this goal.

The time has come for me to focus on my family and the next chapter of my story while creating space for new ideas at WildEarth. I remain as convinced today, as I was on the first day, of WildEarth’s worth and wish this incredible company, and all who work for her, nothing but the very best.

I specifically want to thank Jurie and Pippa Moolman for their unfailing support over the many years. Without them, there never could have been a WildEarth and I would not have been able to steer WE through some very dark nights were it not for the foundational friendship given to Emily and me by this formidable couple. Thank you.

Another person that has been crucial to the survival of WildEarth over the past many years is Peter Braat. Without his unwavering loyalty, commitment and Vulcan-like logic WE would certainly have floundered on the rocks many years ago.

Emily, my wife, life partner, co-founder, and mother to my daughters is a true force of nature. Those that know her and us know that anything I have achieved I have only achieved because she supported me. Because she made it possible for me to achieve. Emily is my hero and I, and all of us, owe WildEarth to her.

Emily continues on at WE as I step aside and she is now going to need all the support in the world as she finds herself on this old journey in a new and scary way. I love you my darling. I’m sorry I had to make this decision, but you know that I had to do this. It was time. I will help and support you as much as I can but I know you will be fine. You are a truly amazing woman.

Of course, none of what has been achieved at WildEarth could have been achieved without you. The WE viewer community. It’s been your passion for the animals that has driven WE and me forward. Your willingness to try new things, always trusting that our mission to connect people to nature would not change.

WildEarth will carry on and grow from strength to strength. I will be watching from the sidelines like a proud father.

I will see you all again.

With love,

Graham Wallington