Penguin Beach Waves Goodbye For Now



There is one constant that has remained true of nature for all time and will remain true of it in the future; and that is that nature is ever changing. Here at WildEarth we aim to oscillate and change with time just as the nature we love to broadcast to you does. 

One such change that we are embracing in 2023 is taking a break from Penguin Beach. WE have decided that our time amongst the pitter patter of little penguin feet has run its course for now. We don’t take our time at Stoney Point for granted and only think of this venture together with such fondness. 


Thank you to all of our naturalists and crew who braved the wind and the wet. Thank you to all our wonderful WildEarth family for your enthusiasm for our precious African penguins. Together we found something extraordinary in the ordinary every day, from fascinating rock pool excursions full of so much life to heart-stopping moments of live seal kills and the magnificent breaching of whales.

To Pepper the penguin, our most recognisable character, the sweet dassies that are ever present amongst the rocks and the sunbathing cormorants that serve as a healthy reminder to us all to take it easy and enjoy the feeling of the sun on our backs, thank you, you are forever a part of WildEarth.


WE share your sense of loss and sadness as WE move away from our penguins and the seaside for a while but WE will be filling this slot with even more nature and keeping you connected with the natural world. Our time at Penguin Beach will come again and WE look forward to its return in the near future



For now our eyes look to the horizon and WE look forward to the prospect of new shows that we hope you will love just as much at Penguin Beach! Our team is hard at work making magic happen so this shift to a new chapter is a smooth and exciting one. 


From 1st February 2023, you can look forward to something new.

WE can’t wait to show you what’s in store!

Stay tuned.