Farewell Kariega 

As a platform that connects people to the wonders of the natural world, WildEarth has made a commitment to always bring our viewers the most authentic and immersive wildlife experiences.

Part of that commitment is having to make difficult decisions for our loyal viewers. We have a pool of fabulous locations that we broadcast from but as of Saturday, we will be taking a break from Kariega. However, it is not goodbye forever but rather see you later.



From 15th April 2023, Kariega will officially be off-air for a time. This decision is especially bittersweet as we say goodbye for now to one of its most beloved residents, Thandi the Rhino. Thandi was a white rhino who had survived an almost fatal poaching attack. She had become a staple in our broadcasts recognizable by her unusual facial scarring.

Thandi captured the hearts of viewers around the world with her playful and curious demeanour and mothered many rhino calves. As we bid farewell to Kariega, Thandi and all of her offspring, we take comfort in knowing that we will continue to honour her and all the hope and perseverance that she stood for in our future broadcasts. During our time at Kariega Game Reserve, we had the pleasure of witnessing some truly unforgettable wildlife moments that we will cherish for years to come. From the silly but beautiful dancing and twirling ostriches to the breathtaking pair of male lions, we followed, every encounter left us in awe of the majesty of the natural world.

One of our favourite characters was a zebra we dubbed ‘Stompie’, whose tail was missing from a probable zebra fight or possible predator escape leaving only a stump. Despite this injury, Stompie continued to grace us with his presence and charm us with his unique personality. We also had the pleasure of meeting ‘Blaze’, the blesbok who was eternally galloping or, shall we say, blazing across the stunning landscape alongside gorgeous journeys of giraffes that we enjoyed in vast numbers of up to 20 at a time gliding across the beautiful terrain too.


While we are saddened to leave Kariega Game Reserve and the amazing wildlife that calls it home, we are excited to explore new destinations and bring our viewers even more unforgettable wildlife encounters. As always, we remain committed to our mission of connecting people with nature and sharing the wonder of the wild. We want to express our deepest gratitude to the guides who braved the windy and hot conditions to bring these unforgettable scenes right into our viewers’ living rooms. Their dedication and passion for wildlife conservation have allowed us to share these experiences with audiences around the world, inspiring them to connect with nature and appreciate the beauty of our planet. As we temporarily bid farewell to Kariega Game Reserve, we reminisce on the stunning sunsets that rolled over into some of the most unforgettable moonrises and hope that this ending will lead to an equally beautiful new beginning in the future.


And so for now our eyes are fixed on our horizon and WE look forward to the prospect of new shows that we hope you will love just as much as Kariega! 

The WildEarth team is working diligently to ensure a seamless transition as we embark on this new chapter. WE can’t wait to show you what’s in store.

Stay tuned!