Farewell Escape To Nature

Escape to Nature, the show which features after our sunrise safari on WildEarth is temporarily coming to an end on the 30th of April. It was a special time for us to slow down, relax, and delve into topics more deeply with the naturalists. It has been a unique and intimate experience and we look forward to bringing it back in the coming months. 


Throughout the show, we were privileged to witness some incredible wildlife encounters. The ‘elephantastic days’ at Madikwe and Djuma were particularly unforgettable and the moment that Blaze the Blesbok was christened with his iconic name will forever go down in WildEarth history.


It was always a joy to unwind, sit dam-side, see these majestic creatures in their natural habitat and learn more about their behaviour from our expert guides. Although we are sad to say this temporary goodbye to Escape to Nature, we are excited to take some time behind the scenes to work on the format and develop a new and even better “Escape to Nature” show which we can bring back at a later date.  


Our passion for showcasing the beauty and diversity of our natural world remains as strong as ever. We would like to thank all our viewers for being a part of this incredible journey. We hope that Escape to Nature has brought you as much joy and inspiration as it has brought us.