Name the Amakhala Cheetah

Situated in the Greater Addo and Frontier Country area of the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa is Amakhala Game Reserve.

For the last 2 months, WildEarth Naturalist Lauren Arthur has been driving around this incredible place bringing us spectacular safaris every day. She has spent many hours with a small family of cheetahs who we have all grown to love on the reserve.

The mother cheetah was born in 2019 and this is her first litter. There is one male cub and one female cub and to date they are around 10 months old.

The father of these cubs was the famous rewilded cheetah ‘Ivory’ who was on Amakhala but tragically he died from a warthog wound.

We are now offering you the chance to vote on naming our mother cheetah. She has firmly become part of the WildEarth family and we think she now deserves a name.