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The Cat Report: March 2- 9

(Taking a break on his march to the Djuma dam, Screenshot Credit: Gabi Hossain, safariLIVE, Djuma) HUKUMURI March 2 The plot thickens. Just when a healthy looking Tingana reappeared in the heart of Djuma, (taking a bushbuck kill under a tree by the Vuyatela dam) so did the steely-eyed [...]

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The Cat Report: February 23 – March 2

The Sabi Sand (Thamba’s serious look, Screenshot Credit: 30-Minute Fitness, safariLIVE, Djuma) THAMBA February 24 Thamba has still been gracing us with his presence this week. On Saturday we found him on the prowl- very carefully on the prowl. The young leopard was sniffing the grass and we [...]

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Behind the Camera

Dust will never interfere with Wium's camerawork. We know their names, we see their hands, we hear their muffled commentary. safariLIVE wouldn’t be the same (or even possible) without the invisible men on the vehicle, the men behind the camera. Going through the countless comments and questions that viewers have, it’s not [...]

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The Cat Report: February 16-23

The Sabi Sand (Thamba, his usual photogenic self, Screenshot Credit: zoom-with-a-view, safariLIVE, Djuma) THAMBA February 17 Thamba surprised us yet again this week as we stumbled upon him on Quarantine. This young leopard, although still needing substantial practice hunting large game, seems to be doing exceptionally well given [...]

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safariLIVE Takes on Japan

Earlier this month safariLIVE trailblazed new territory- new digital territory. We are proud to announce that we are now streaming on Niconico. Since 2007 Niconico has been leading the way in video uploading and sharing in Japan. With Niconico, people can watch their favourite videos and are sure to never miss out on anything [...]

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A Return to Normalcy: An Intern’s Perspective of the Aftermath of TV

Throughout the TV show I got the sense that there was a collective breath being held. As the week continued on, this breath grew and grew until at last, at the climax of TV’s final episode, it was unleashed. As the credits rolled for the final time, a resounding cheer sounded across Final Control. [...]

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World Wetlands Day

It’s World Wetlands Day and for the 21st year people around the world have come together to celebrate and protect these vital ecosystems. This year’s theme is Wetlands for a Sustainable Urban Future for wetlands aren’t just important in the African bush, but all around the world as well. As many would suspect, where [...]

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Bushwalk, Nature and Feeling Human

Modern society has a dehumanising effect. Our lives are dictated by alarm clocks, traffic jams, constant multi-tasking and countless distractions. The result being that many feel a penetrating sense of alienation from our surroundings and ourselves. We have seemingly unlimited options and yet we feel as though we are missing something. To alleviate [...]

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The Cat Report: December 30 – January 5

 SABI SAND (Thandi and her cub lying together on a log, Screenshot Credit: Kim Eckert, safariLIVE, Djuma). THANDI January 1 In the early hours of the morning, WE found a special treat to ring in the New Year: Thandi and her cub were lying together on a log [...]

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WE welcome Steve Faulconbridge to safariLIVE

Steve was born and raised in the concrete jungle of Johannesburg. He didn’t have the opportunity to spend much time in nature, but his mother’s stories of her childhood outside the Kruger created an attachment to the place. On top of that the compulsory career aptitude test he took in school suggested that [...]

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