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Farewell Escape To Nature

Farewell Escape To Nature Escape to Nature, the show which features after our sunrise safari on WildEarth is temporarily coming to an end on the 30th of April. It was a special time for us to slow down, relax, and delve into topics more deeply with the naturalists. It has been a unique and intimate [...]

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Farewell Kariega 

  Farewell Kariega  As a platform that connects people to the wonders of the natural world, WildEarth has made a commitment to always bring our viewers the most authentic and immersive wildlife experiences. Part of that commitment is having to make difficult decisions for our loyal viewers. We have a pool of fabulous locations that [...]

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26th March Channel Schedule Time Change

  26th March Channel Schedule Time Change As the days grow shorter and the winter season approaches, we are adapting our schedule to continue bringing you the best live content from the bushveld. From Sunday the 26th of March, our Sunrise Safaris will begin at 6:30 AM CAT, as the sun rises later and later [...]

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WildEarth Explorers Support Schoolchildren on a Journey into Nature

        WildEarth Explorers Support Schoolchildren on a Journey into Nature       “Only if we understand, will we care. Only if we care, will we help. Only if we help shall all be saved.” – Jane Goodall   Your unwavering support and dedication has borne the most precious of all fruits [...]

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Penguin Beach Waves Goodbye For Now

Penguin Beach Waves Goodbye For Now     There is one constant that has remained true of nature for all time and will remain true of it in the future; and that is that nature is ever changing. Here at WildEarth we aim to oscillate and change with time just as the nature we love [...]

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UK Daylight Savings Change

Soon the UK will be experiencing another daylight savings shift. This is taking place on the 30th of October. WE want to remind our UK viewers of this change. Please take note that from the 31st of October UK viewers can watch the shows at the following times:   3.30am to 6.30am - Sunrise Safari [...]

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The Shift of the Summer Sun

“You are live, you are live”.  It is time for the show to begin! There is nothing quite like broadcasting at sunrise. The plants, trees, birds and animals all respond and stir together at first light. These first moments of the day are so distinct from everything that we capture at any other time of [...]

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Town Hall with Graham Wallington

  CEO and Founder Graham Wallington One of our missions here at WildEarth is to remain connected and present with our viewers. We have developed an especially remarkable bond with our Explorers, our most avid supporters and watchers. Whether you have been an Explorer for numerous years or just recently discovered the club, [...]

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Rhinos Return to Your Screen!

The dangers of rhino poachers and the devastating number of rhinos that have lost their lives in the last decade meant that showing rhinos on our channel was no longer safe or helpful to their cause.  For this reason, rhinos have been shown less in the media for a long time. However, this omission does [...]

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