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safariLIVE Time changes for June

It’s officially winter in the Southern hemisphere and that means it’s time for a change! The African sun is rising later and later on these crisp winter mornings. In order to bring you all the best animal action WE are changing that start time of the sunrise safari. The start time of the sunset safari [...]

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Hot Off the Press: Sindile has finally been released back into the wild

Anyone who’s been riding along with us on safariLIVE over the past year will certainly know of Sindile. Shadow’s adorable male cub who tragically encountered a domesticated dog infected with the rabies virus. WE have finally received word on the status of this young beautiful male leopard and, as promised, WE are sharing this moment [...]

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The Cat Report 19th – 24th May

  Thursday the 19th of May   The week couldn’t have begun better. Inkanyeni, the beautiful and dominant female leopard on Cheetah Plains had been found. This time however, her two cubs were in attendance and WE were able to see them for the very first time on safariLIVE. It was clear to resident leopard [...]

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The Cat Report 8th – 16th May

  Sunday the 8th of May   A wonderful start this week with the discovery of a very pregnant looking Nkuhuma lioness camping out at Buffelshoek Dam. Suspicions were raised again as to whether she may have chosen a possible den site in the area. Judging by the discomfort she seemed to be experiencing and [...]

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#safariLIVE Viewer Profile: Welcome Patty!

Patty Finkral is one of safariLIVE's newer viewers.  "I discovered SafariLIVE about a month ago while enjoying one of my favourite watering holes (Pete's Pond) I am now 'hooked' and watching these live safaris has become a part of my daily life. If I cannot watch it live, I will go back and watch it [...]

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safariLIVE Schools: Three Oaks Elementary

Three Oaks Elementary was the latest school to join us in exploring the African wild. The school was established in 2005 with the aim of providing educational excellence to a variety of students eager to learn. The expert teaching staff provide the students with the best educational opportunities available and strive to develop dignity, confidence [...]

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The Cat Report 1st – 6th May

  Sunday the 1st of May   The week kicks off with a somewhat docile doggie sighting. The Sands pack of wild dogs has been located on Arathusa. Upon Sam’s arrival the most the dogs could be bothered to do was raise their heads in vague interest. Soon after their eyes were resting tight against [...]

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Thankyou to Erik Moore!

It was Hayden Turner who first introduced us to the incredible idea of broadcasting safaris into schools. Whilst in Djuma he took a number of children from schools in the UK on a virtual safari. WE realised that school safaris can play a huge part in WildEarth's mission to help conserve our world through connecting people [...]

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