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Character Feature: Naretoi the female cheetah

Like mother, like daughter. Naretoi, a female cheetah and daughter of Kakenya, is a relatively new addition to the Maasai Mara’s array of characters but like her mother before her, she has become a fan favorite. Born in 2014, Naretoi grew up under the care of her mother, living alongside her two sisters and [...]

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Character Feature: Avoca Males

Animals can at once seem very alien to us while paradoxically full of personality. We can only guess at what really goes on inside their minds but nonetheless, they seem to radiate characteristics and quirks that make them more relatable to us, showing them as thinking, feeling creatures despite their differences to humans. This [...]

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Creature Feature: Bathroom critters

The bathroom isn’t normally a space thought to be host to a wide variety of life. It’s not supposed to be at all, one might say. But here at Djuma, I’ve encountered a wide variety of creatures (mostly insects) residing in the three bathrooms of safariLIVE’s campsite. Mostly, I see them during the night, [...]

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Character Feature: Horned Visitors

Of all the animals to visit our camp in Djuma, most are on the small end of things. While we of course are careful of the larger animals we share the reserve with, it is rare we actually encounter them, more often finding evidence of their passage such as dung or tracks. But sometimes [...]

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The Calm Before the Storm: An Intern’s Perspective of the Lead Up to TV

A change comes through the camp in the gradual build up to TV. It is an event here at camp treated with reverence similar to that of war. It is a thing that starts slowly as the date creeps ever closer. Some weeks away from TV, it’s acknowledged, recognised but spoken of in hushed [...]

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Ronald the Rover by Jake McDaniel

He’s a bit odd. He doesn’t sit in front of the camera, chattering to the viewing audience about wildlife. Nor does he man the cameras and capture what goes on. He doesn’t work in FC, helping make sure the show works everyday. He doesn’t even cook for the camp staff! Who is this mysterious [...]

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