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The Cat Report 14 – 20 April

This week has been rather quiet on the cat front especially during the first few days where it seemed as if all the cats had disappeared off the reserve. Slowly but surely, as the week progressed, more and more tracks and signs of leopard began to emerge and then once into the middle of the week we saw [...]

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WildEarth’s first ever LIVE scuba dive from the Caribbean Sea – 3rd April – Dont miss out

Don’t miss out on the launch of WildEarth’s Kickstarter campaign for diveLIVE and help pioneer this new experience from the start. In order to celebrate the launch of this new adventure we will be broadcasting our first LIVE and INTERACTIVE scuba dive on Tuesday 3 April straight from Grand Cayman in the Caribbean and [...]

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The Cat Report: 24 – 30 March

The proverbial storm that threatened to break over Djuma with the arrival of the Avoca male lions seems to have petered out into a rather mild drizzle. Three of the four Birmingham Boys came charging back into the northern section of their territory, roaring out their dominance for the world to hear and sending [...]

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World Water Day 2018: A Day at the Dam

The waterhole. It is an iconic setting of the African wilderness. Drawn to the life giving liquid that is promised there, elephants, buffaloes, birds, hippos, lions and frogs all gravitate there. On a hot day it is a hub of activity for all orders of Animalia. Water connects even the most disparate of wildlife [...]

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The new and improved Cat Report

The cat characters of safariLIVE are possibly the most loved and famous wild cats in the world. That’s why we always endeavor to make sure you are able to follow their journeys as they fight for survival in the thick of the African wild. For the past several years the Cat Report has been [...]

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safariLIVE time change 15 March 2018

The call of the woodland kingfisher no longer rings through the wilderness as an iconic sound of summer in the lowveld. The sun arrives later each morning and departs earlier each day taking the light of summer with it. This means it’s time for a change to the safariLIVE broadcast schedule. As of 15 [...]

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Hosana The Quirky

Until recently humans knew very little about leopards in the wild.  They were the ghosts of the bush, reclusive and mysterious. Their solitary nature and humans’ tendency toward noise and violence made interactions, let alone relationships, unlikely. Day after day, as we follow the lives of the leopards of the Sabi Sand, all of [...]

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Reflections on World Wildlife Day

Humankind's greatest priority is to reintegrate with the natural world. -Jonathon Porritt Today is World Wildlife Day. It’s a day set aside every year by the global community to celebrate the Earth’s fauna and flora. While days like these are important reminders of how vital it is that we work as a community to [...]

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My safariLIVE Experience

Terror. This is the only emotion I was feeling as I flew in on a small rickety plane to the Maasai Mara, Kenya. The Mara was to be my home for the next two weeks. The fear of the unknown was overwhelming. What if they all hated me? What if I suffered a violent [...]

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