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Character Feature: Horned Visitors

Of all the animals to visit our camp in Djuma, most are on the small end of things. While we of course are careful of the larger animals we share the reserve with, it is rare we actually encounter them, more often finding evidence of their passage such as dung or tracks. But sometimes [...]

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Christine and Kenny Brackett go WILD

One day, I stumbled across the Africam site, years ago while looking for a live cam of black bears and was intrigued by the site showing a live African safari – I clicked on the link and couldn’t stop watching, soon after I got my husband watching as well. In those days you didn’t [...]

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A temporary cam on the elephant carcass

As most of you know, an elephant died on Djuma recently and its carcass is still present close to Twin Dams. A carcass of this size will cause lots of activity for a couple of weeks and therefore we thought it might be interesting to install a temporary camera near it. Thee stream will provide [...]

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World Frog Day 2018: Our world without frogs

I would like to first ask you a few questions, and for this I am going to combine frogs and toads under the same heading, amphibians. So what would the world look like without amphibians and would we miss them? Would it matter if they were gone? Would it matter if we never heard [...]

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The Cat Report: 10 – 16 March

There is something about the look in Hukumuri’s eyes that creates immediate goose flesh – terror, awe or perhaps disgust at his constant dribbling – I’m not sure which just yet. That said, his name which means Chicken Medicine makes him sound like a character from Monty Python rather than the antagonist in a [...]

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Get your Pondie t-shirt and help improve the cam

As a follow up to yesterday's blog we want to share with you some more details about what is needed to resolve the issues and how you can help make this happen. As per the previous update we have already applied for an increase in available bandwidth and expect this to be available in about [...]

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Plans for Pete’s Pond

It's been a bittersweet week at the Pond. Happiness about the long-awaited return of one of the world's most popular waterhole cameras, mixed in with frustration that it did not match the quality that Pondies had gotten used to. Over the past couple of days we have pushed the camera to its limits and [...]

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The Cat Report: Feb 10-16

SABI SANDS THANDI (Thandi lying gracefully in the sunlight, Photo Credit: Ann, safariLIVE, Djuma). Feb 12 Thandi was lying in a thicket. Her cub was her usual playful self, bounding around and attacking Thandi while Thandi stayed flat. After sometime, Thandi rose and crossed back into Djuma, where [...]

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The Calm Before the Storm: An Intern’s Perspective of the Lead Up to TV

A change comes through the camp in the gradual build up to TV. It is an event here at camp treated with reverence similar to that of war. It is a thing that starts slowly as the date creeps ever closer. Some weeks away from TV, it’s acknowledged, recognised but spoken of in hushed [...]

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