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The Cat Report: Jan 13-19

SABI SANDS (Thandi’s daughter playing with her mother, Photo Credit: Roshni, safariLIVE, Djuma). Jan 15 Thandi and her cub were lying relaxed next to a log. Thandi was trying to sleep while her cub was far more energetic. Thandi’s daughter thus leaped and jumped all over her mother, [...]

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Ronald the Rover by Jake McDaniel

He’s a bit odd. He doesn’t sit in front of the camera, chattering to the viewing audience about wildlife. Nor does he man the cameras and capture what goes on. He doesn’t work in FC, helping make sure the show works everyday. He doesn’t even cook for the camp staff! Who is this mysterious [...]

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The Cat Report: January 6-12

SABI SAND (Hosana having himself a nap, Photo Credit: Edward, safariLIVE, Djuma) January 7 Hosana was found near the tree where he placed his kill. The kill, however, was not there anymore and poor Hosana seemed quite confused by its absence. Some other animal must have taken it [...]

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Djuma and Arathusa camera updates

  The new waterhole camera for Djuma has finally landed in South Africa and next week Peter will go to the Sabi Sands to install it. He will be working on this with Jared Jennings, who recently joined our tech support there. If all goes as planned the new camera, as well as its new [...]

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safariLIVE Practiced and Polished – Upcoming Rehearsals and Schedule changes

  Ok safarians, do WE have some amazing news for you. WE have all been working extremely hard to further the reach of our live African safari experiences and have been given that exact opportunity. WE is heading back to primetime television in 2017 on Nat Geo WILD! More information on this new to follow [...]

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The Cat Report 3 – 9 September

Saturday the 3rd of September   An exciting spotted twist was in store for the safariLIVE crew. A new leopardess had been spotted, by our incredible viewers, at the Djuma dam cam halfway through the sunset safari. WE sent James over right away, once he arrived at the pan the newcomer took off as fast [...]

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Rexon’s Return!

  Hello safarians! Many of you have shown immense loyalty and dedication to these incredible LIVE safari’s since the very start of safariLIVE. Many of you too, will also remember Rexon Ntimane as being one of the first expert safari guides to drive you around the extremely beautiful Djuma Private Game Reserve. Well he’s back [...]

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Presenter Premiere: Tayla McCurdy joins the safariLIVE Family!

WE are extremely pleased and excited to announce a new addition to our expert presenting and guiding team. Tayla McCurdy is an exceptional guide with heaps of knowledge and experience. Born in Port Elizabeth on South Africa’s astonishingly beautiful southeast coast, Tayla spent her childhood years going on at least 3 safari holidays per year [...]

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The Cat Report 27 August – 3 September

Saturday the 27th of August   A lion’s roar can be heard by human ears up to 8 kilometers away. So having the lions only a few hundred meters from camp with their insistent nighttime vocals certainly made getting enough beauty rest quite the challenge. Yet it’s always worth it for all the amazing sightings [...]

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