Booking for the very first WildEarth Expedition will open this Sunday

We hope you did save the date for the very first WildEarth Expedition to Djuma that will happen January 24th - 31st, 2019, as bookings will open this Sunday, September 23rd at the end of the Sunset drive. We've put together an itinerary that we believe will give you a fantastic safari experience and [...]

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Creature Feature: Squirrels in the Attic

This is not the first time I’ve had animal intruders in my living space. The siafu ants marching into my tent, a toad who I had to rescue and relocate outside, and lizards who crawl on every internal surface. On my return to the safariLIVE, camp in South Africa, I found myself once again [...]

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Creature Feature: A Toady Intruder

Living out here in the bush, your neighbors are animals. Although we each have our own tents, the animals don’t care much about your privacy and when given the chance, will invade your personal quarters. I’ve had insects and small lizards get into my tent before but a few nights ago, a larger intruder [...]

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Creature Feature: Olive Baboon

At the foothills of safariLIVE’s Mara camp, past the FC studio, lies a dense bracket of trees that, covers the outskirts of our campsite. While not quite a forest, this part of the geography provides a dense wood that is inhabited by all manner of animals. Wildebeest, elephants and zebra have been spotted wandering [...]

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Creature Feature: My Neighbor The Zebra

Often in camp, I don’t see many of the larger animals that roam the wilds of the Maasai Mara. I’ve only heard the distant laughter of hyenas, seen smashed trees left behind by elephants, and been told by co-workers that leopards or lions are active in the area. But otherwise, I mainly see smaller [...]

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Creature Feature: The Little Lizards

Lizards, in the Mara, tend to be looked over for the most part. Often too small to be really noticed by most explorers, they can only really be seen by paying attention to the smaller natural world. Often, this is easier said than done, these small reptiles are very good at hiding and scurry [...]

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Creature Feature: March of the Ants

Ants. The word ‘ants’ instantly conjures the images of a small creature, barely noticeable as more than a dot to our perceptions. Individually, these dots barely amount to anything for the human experience. Sometimes, we catch glimpses of them, going about their tiny lives but we don’t pay them a second thought beyond a [...]

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Camp after dark

The darkness brings forth a sort of primal fear in humans. When the sun goes down, the world seems to change. We, as a species, are creatures of the day and being active at night makes us fundamentally uneasy. Familiar environments become threatening and this is amplified tenfold in safariLIVE’s camp in the Maasai [...]

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Cricket on Quarantine clearings

If you’ve ever been to Sri Lanka you’ll know that cricket is no small matter. Any open space big enough to be a pitch is an opportunity for a game; from open parks, to dusty streets or cobbled alleyways, both young and old will gather for a game. All that’s needed is any old [...]

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