Mercy Goes Wild

It is a picturesque journey. For about 10 kilometers after you turn off the main highway and start descending into the Rift Valley, you are treated to one of the most magnificent views in the world. It is also a harrowing road that dangles precariously on the edge of an escarpment, with equally scary oncoming [...]

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A Return to Normalcy: An Intern’s Perspective of the Aftermath of TV

Throughout the TV show I got the sense that there was a collective breath being held. As the week continued on, this breath grew and grew until at last, at the climax of TV’s final episode, it was unleashed. As the credits rolled for the final time, a resounding cheer sounded across Final Control. [...]

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Creature Feature: Southern yellow-billed hornbill

  My first encounter with a southern yellow-billed hornbill was a pleasant one. The bird was pointed out to me on my second day at Djuma. Jared, one of the tech team, drew my attention to one seated upon a tree. He said it would soon do a little dance and after a few moments [...]

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Adventures of an Intern: Maasai Mara vs Djuma By Jake McDaniel

Me (on the left)  and my brother David, who came to Djuma for a visit. My name is Jake McDaniel. You may remember me from a few months ago when I was an intern in the Maasai Mara. During that time I assisted in the production of the daily internet TV shows [...]

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My camp and other animals: Ribbon the rubbish robber

“I must not wake them. If they wake, I am sure to be chased… Oooh, flip-flops!” I often wonder if these are the thoughts that rush through Ribbon’s head on her nightly stalks of the Djuma Research Camp (DRC.) With the security of darkness and ingrained genetic knowledge of human sleeping habits, she is [...]

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Straight from the Urban Jungle: The Journey of a safariLIVE Intern

It’s a strange feeling to travel. To know you’re stepping out of your comfort zone and going to a place you’ve perhaps only read about. There’s simply no other feeling like it. It’s terrifying, exciting, and exhilarating at once. Especially when the travel is as drastic as moving from the urban streets of New [...]

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