The Cat Report: Sept 17-22

SABI SAND Young Hosana takes in the landscape while hoping something tasty walks by, Screenshot Credit: Gabi Hossain, safariLIVE, Djuma Hosana   Sept 19 WE found Hosana again at Twin Dams in the early evening. As the sun began to cast golden fingers of light across the bushveld [...]

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The Cat Report: 11 – 18 August

After much deliberation, WE have concluded that the cat report is in need of an upgrade. WE are in the process of creating a new and improved version of the cat report that will enable our viewers to see a consolidated log of the cat movements for both the Mara and Djuma cats. The [...]

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The Cat Report: 21 – 28 July

HOSANA (Image Credit: Payton Payne)   22 July Lying in the thicket next to twin dams. Stretching before getting up and starting to move then lying down again. He started walking and watching impala using the car to hide from them  then he moved off toward the dam wall and stopping for a drink [...]

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The Cat Report 30 June – 7 July

ANGAMA PRIDE (Angama lioness gazing intently over the plains, Screenshot Credit: safariLIVE) 30 June All of the lionesses and their cubs were found on the move again, with one of the cubs pausing in an attempt to take in the view from a balanites tree. 3 July The lionesses, after a failed zebra hunt, [...]

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The Cat Report 23 June – 30 June

THAMBA   (Screenshot: Debbie Vancouver) 24 June This week's Cat Report kicks off with young Thamba on home ground lying close to the dam, he later proceeded to get up and move around, taking time to give himself a morning bath. He was also looking alertly at some impala, but did not pluck up the courage [...]

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The Cat Report: 2 June – 9 June

Friday 2 June As the day started to cool on the Sunset safari, WE visited the Styx pride and their cubs who were finishing off the last of their buffalo kill. The cubs were feisty, scrapping amongst themselves for the last of the tender bits - the lionesses tolerant but occasionally administering some disciplinary growls. [...]

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The Cat Report 26 May – 2 June 2017

Friday 26 May After their morning antics, WE eagerly searched for the Nkuhuma pride again. WE found the cats relaxed and dozing in the afternoon sun; the cubs were playing around and chewing on sticks to alleviate their itching gums. They took their sleeping regime very seriously and save for the flick of an ear [...]

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