The Cat Report: 8 – 14 July

The week kicked off with a once in a blue moon sighting featuring no less than six of our Djuma cat characters. On a chilly Sunday morning, after a long night listening to the Avoca lions roar, we set out in the hope of finding them. As the darkness gave way to overcast skies [...]

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The Cat Report: 16 – 23 June

It’s been a slightly quiet on the cat front in Djuma, however we were treated to sightings of all three large cat species! The ever-peripatetic cheetah family crossed over from the west, pondering the possibility of a meal on Djuma. The cubs cajoled and frolicked while mom kept a watchful eye. Unfortunately meals seemed [...]

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The Cat Report 9 – 16 June

I’m sitting in my room sipping down on a smoothie and trying to figure out what to write for this week’s Cat Report. However I find myself getting distracted, the vervet monkeys are unimpressed with something in the distance… Then the squirrels and finally the francolins start alarming. My immediate thought is that there [...]

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The Cat Report: 26 May – 1 June

As we reach the end of May, with winter fast approaching, we bear witness to the changing of the seasons. The dryness can now be seen not only in the browning grass and the falling leaves but also in the dwindling waterholes and drying muddy-wallows. We entered into this last week with the build up [...]

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The Cat Report: 19 – 25 May

Both the Mara and Djuma teams had an action-packed week with some great surprises in both locations. The rain is still creating tricky conditions for the Mara crew, as most roads are not drivable so searching is limited to main roads but despite this we have been super lucky!   On Sunday, we found Naretoi [...]

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The Cat Report: 4 – 11 May

This week started rather slowly as the big cats kept themselves hidden, leaving us chasing shadows and following tracks in endless circles… It was almost as if they were taking joy out of watching us follow the signs indicating that there were lions and leopards moving all around Djuma. Patience was the lesson because [...]

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