The Cat Report: 21 – 27 April

After petering out, the storm that is the Avoca males once again seems to be brewing. The three young lions were found in the south of Djuma early in the week making their boldest and biggest movement into the heart of the Birmingham males’ territory. After spending their Saturday lounging around they headed back [...]

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The Cat Report 14 – 20 April

This week has been rather quiet on the cat front especially during the first few days where it seemed as if all the cats had disappeared off the reserve. Slowly but surely, as the week progressed, more and more tracks and signs of leopard began to emerge and then once into the middle of the week we saw [...]

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The Cat Report: 07 – 13 April

The leopard drama of the northern Sabi Sand continued this week with some interesting behaviour on both the male and female fronts. Xidulu has been trying to mate with Hukumuri in the west. Thandi is still sporting an open wound but roamed freely across Djuma - moving back into the north western areas for [...]

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Cat Report 31 March – 6 April – April Fools

With Autumn drawing to a close darkness shrouds the cooling evenings in Djuma. The roar of the lion, as the name implies, has not been heard for some time, with both the Birmingham Boys and the Avoca males attending to business elsewhere. The Nkuhuma Pride, however, moved into Djuma from the west. The prides numbers still remain one [...]

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The Cat Report: 24 – 30 March

The proverbial storm that threatened to break over Djuma with the arrival of the Avoca male lions seems to have petered out into a rather mild drizzle. Three of the four Birmingham Boys came charging back into the northern section of their territory, roaring out their dominance for the world to hear and sending [...]

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The Cat Report: 10 – 16 March

There is something about the look in Hukumuri’s eyes that creates immediate goose flesh – terror, awe or perhaps disgust at his constant dribbling – I’m not sure which just yet. That said, his name which means Chicken Medicine makes him sound like a character from Monty Python rather than the antagonist in a [...]

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The Cat Report: February 23 – March 2

The Sabi Sand (Thamba’s serious look, Screenshot Credit: 30-Minute Fitness, safariLIVE, Djuma) THAMBA February 24 Thamba has still been gracing us with his presence this week. On Saturday we found him on the prowl- very carefully on the prowl. The young leopard was sniffing the grass and we [...]

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The Cat Report: February 16-23

The Sabi Sand (Thamba, his usual photogenic self, Screenshot Credit: zoom-with-a-view, safariLIVE, Djuma) THAMBA February 17 Thamba surprised us yet again this week as we stumbled upon him on Quarantine. This young leopard, although still needing substantial practice hunting large game, seems to be doing exceptionally well given [...]

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