Mercy Goes Wild

It is a picturesque journey. For about 10 kilometers after you turn off the main highway and start descending into the Rift Valley, you are treated to one of the most magnificent views in the world. It is also a harrowing road that dangles precariously on the edge of an escarpment, with equally scary oncoming [...]

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WE welcome Steve Faulconbridge to safariLIVE

Steve was born and raised in the concrete jungle of Johannesburg. He didn’t have the opportunity to spend much time in nature, but his mother’s stories of her childhood outside the Kruger created an attachment to the place. On top of that the compulsory career aptitude test he took in school suggested that [...]

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WE welcome Ralph as a new presenter at safariLIVE

Ralph grew up in Henley-on Klip, a village outside of Johannesburg, and spent his childhood holidays in nature: camping, fishing and boating. His father, who fostered this love of the outdoors, didn’t exactly expect this to become Ralph’s career path. But Ralph always knew that this was where his future lay. Thus, he went [...]

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WE welcome Noelle as a new presenter at safariLIVE

Noelle may have begun her life in the Northeast of the United States, but she has always lived her life in the out-of-doors. She spent her childhood playing outside, exploring the fields around her house and going on hikes. These early experiences shaped the way Noelle interacts with the world to this day: “If [...]

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WE welcome back a safariLIVE favourite, the return of Scott Dyson!

Can you BELIEVE it? That’s right safarians, the one and only Scott Dyson will be returning to WildEarth and of course safariLIVE!   (Scott Dyson, safari guide)   After taking a 15 month hiatus from safariLIVE he is fired up and excited to return to the live safari experience in the Maasai Mara! Over the [...]

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WE welcome Tristan as a new presenter at safariLIVE

Tristan Dicks is the latest bushveld expert to join the safariLIVE team. Born and raised in the big city of Johannesburg South Africa, a love of the bush was instilled in him early on. His grandparents were avid bush lovers and whenever the opportunity presented itself, they would whisk a young Tristan away to the [...]

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