Crazy Crustacean Queen

We all know the term ‘Crazy Cat Lady’, but have we heard of the Crazy Crustacean Queen? My self-appointed title has been brought to the foreground as the amount of invertebrates on the Caymanian reefs has blown me away. Invertebrates include any animal without a backbone, from wriggly worms to the flamboyant octopus and make [...]

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World Turtle Day

Turtles: Are they really the coolest surfers in the sea? Last month we celebrated World Turtle Day on the 23rd of May; an awareness day that many probably don’t know exists. So why should we celebrate this day every year, or should I say ‘shellebrate’? This special day was devoted to both tortoises and turtles, [...]

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My Iguana Neighbour

Growing up, the movie Jurassic Park scared the living daylights out of me! Not only the questionable topless scene of Jeff Goldblum, but the possibility of prehistoric creatures eating me or my puppy. Fast forward to present day and my irrational fear may have increased since I find myself wandering the island with large prehistoric [...]

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Learning to dive, when you ain’t got fins

  I was not born to swim - indeed my skill in the water thus far can be likened to that of driftwood i.e. able to float but poor at moving in one direction with any efficacy. So it was with some trepidation that I learned from the Madman for whom I work that I [...]

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The Other Marine Ecosystems of the Cayman Islands

  With increasing anthropogenic (human induced) stresses affecting the marine environment, there has been much focus placed on coral reefs and how they are being affected as a result; for good reason too. Despite only contributing 1% of the ocean’s surface area, the complex structures of coral reefs are home to an estimated [...]

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diveLIVE Diaries – Life as a diveLIVE presenter

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a marine biologist. Well, that’s not technically true. Originally, I wanted to be a mermaid but soon realised that wasn’t going to happen so I settled on marine biology instead. Little did I realise that one day I would step off a plane in Grand [...]

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