safariLIVE Takes on Japan

Earlier this month safariLIVE trailblazed new territory- new digital territory. We are proud to announce that we are now streaming on Niconico. Since 2007 Niconico has been leading the way in video uploading and sharing in Japan. With Niconico, people can watch their favourite videos and are sure to never miss out on anything [...]

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The Calm Before the Storm: An Intern’s Perspective of the Lead Up to TV

A change comes through the camp in the gradual build up to TV. It is an event here at camp treated with reverence similar to that of war. It is a thing that starts slowly as the date creeps ever closer. Some weeks away from TV, it’s acknowledged, recognised but spoken of in hushed [...]

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World Wetlands Day

It’s World Wetlands Day and for the 21st year people around the world have come together to celebrate and protect these vital ecosystems. This year’s theme is Wetlands for a Sustainable Urban Future for wetlands aren’t just important in the African bush, but all around the world as well. As many would suspect, where [...]

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Bushwalk, Nature and Feeling Human

Modern society has a dehumanising effect. Our lives are dictated by alarm clocks, traffic jams, constant multi-tasking and countless distractions. The result being that many feel a penetrating sense of alienation from our surroundings and ourselves. We have seemingly unlimited options and yet we feel as though we are missing something. To alleviate [...]

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My safariLIVE Experience

Terror. This is the only emotion I was feeling as I flew in on a small rickety plane to the Maasai Mara, Kenya. The Mara was to be my home for the next two weeks. The fear of the unknown was overwhelming. What if they all hated me? What if I suffered a violent [...]

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The Oxpeckers role in the Animal Kingdom

As humans, interaction with other people is of great importance for our survival. Taking part in mutual relationships is beneficial for both individuals. The same applies to the animal world, where completely different species take part in mutually symbiotic relationships. One particularly interesting species interaction, that occurs not only within the Maasai Mara but [...]

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Game On with safariLIVE and Nat Geo WILD!

Nat Geo WILD and safariLIVE kick-off a five day binge of thrilling African adventure from two of the continent’s most famous wilderness destinations. Explore the vast open plains of Kenya’s Maasai Mara and bundu-bash through South Africa’s iconic Sabi Sand Game Reserve as the expert guides search for the biggest of big game! [...]

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Ronald the Rover by Jake McDaniel

He’s a bit odd. He doesn’t sit in front of the camera, chattering to the viewing audience about wildlife. Nor does he man the cameras and capture what goes on. He doesn’t work in FC, helping make sure the show works everyday. He doesn’t even cook for the camp staff! Who is this mysterious [...]

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Creature Feature: Southern yellow-billed hornbill

  My first encounter with a southern yellow-billed hornbill was a pleasant one. The bird was pointed out to me on my second day at Djuma. Jared, one of the tech team, drew my attention to one seated upon a tree. He said it would soon do a little dance and after a few moments [...]

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