WE need YOUR feedback!

WE have always believed in a strong and healthy relationship with our viewers, based on trust and two-way feedback. That’s why WE need your help! WE are always trying to improve your daily LIVE wildlife experiences in the best ways possible. In order to do this, WE’d like to hear from you. Your thoughts and [...]

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WE are rhinos!

WildEarth and Djuma would like to ask you [our faithful safarians] to help us, help the Ngalave creche in Hluvukani. The creche currently accommodates 52 under 5 year olds daily. The conditions are appalling due to lack of funding. These poor children currently do not have any tables and chairs, educational toys or arts [...]

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safariLIVE December Rehearsal Schedule: The finishing touches!

safariLIVE December Rehearsal Schedule: The finishing touches! Well safarians WE are less than a week away from our safariLIVE series debut! WE is heading towards our primetime television series in 2017. The Premier of this will be on January 1st at 10pm EST on Nat Geo WILD in the USA. We are all bursting at [...]

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Knighting the Birminghams

The Birmingham Boys are the dominant Lion coalition that WE encounter in the Northern Sabi Sand reserve. The young males strode into frame in late 2014, overthrowing the Matimba Male lion coalition and taking control of the Nkuhuma ,Torchwood and Styx prides. Fast forward to present time and these kings of cubs have certainly made [...]

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safariLIVE: October Rehearsals Round 2!

Well safarians WE have yet another bitter-sweet announcement to make. As most of you will already know WE are gearing up for our biggest LIVE event yet! WE is heading back to primetime television in 2017 on Nat Geo WILD! More information on this news to follow in the coming months. Time is slowly ticking [...]

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World Rhino Day – 22 September 2016

World Rhino Day - 22 September 2016 In Southern Africa we find the commonly called ‘White’ and ‘Black’ Rhino. Their actual names are the ‘Square lipped’ and ‘Hook lipped’ Rhino. Their names are derived from the shape of their mouths and lips. You may be wondering then if there are Rhino in Southern Africa, why [...]

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safariLIVE Practiced and Polished – Upcoming Rehearsals and Schedule changes

  Ok safarians, do WE have some amazing news for you. WE have all been working extremely hard to further the reach of our live African safari experiences and have been given that exact opportunity. WE is heading back to primetime television in 2017 on Nat Geo WILD! More information on this new to follow [...]

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Rexon’s Return!

  Hello safarians! Many of you have shown immense loyalty and dedication to these incredible LIVE safari’s since the very start of safariLIVE. Many of you too, will also remember Rexon Ntimane as being one of the first expert safari guides to drive you around the extremely beautiful Djuma Private Game Reserve. Well he’s back [...]

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Presenter Premiere: Tayla McCurdy joins the safariLIVE Family!

WE are extremely pleased and excited to announce a new addition to our expert presenting and guiding team. Tayla McCurdy is an exceptional guide with heaps of knowledge and experience. Born in Port Elizabeth on South Africa’s astonishingly beautiful southeast coast, Tayla spent her childhood years going on at least 3 safari holidays per year [...]

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National Wildlife Day

The 4th of September 2016 marks National Wildlife Day in Australia. This day celebrates the myriad of organisations that seek to make the world a better place for all animals whether they be zoo’s, animal shelters or other wildlife conservation initiatives. Awareness is key to the conservation and protection of the planet’s most threatened animals. [...]

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