Help us complete the WildEarth book for our birthday

A little over a year ago we reached out to you, our community, to share your favourite moments and sightings, or to share what the daily safaris mean to you. The goal was to create a book by and for the WildEarth community, but this project was not brought to completion. With the 14th [...]

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Autumn is on the horizon

As we move away from summer the days are getting shorter here in Africa; it's getting light later in the morning and dark earlier in the evening From March 2nd, our safari times will, therefore, also be changing. The Sunrise Safari will have a new start time of 6.30 AM CAT and will run for [...]

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Proper Names for the Cubs of the Djuma Clan!

Something that is long overdue is the naming of all the new cubs born to the Djuma Clan over the last 6 months. WE feel it is time to move from referring to them as “Corky's Cub” or “Heart's Daughter” and that they deserve to have names of their own. Just to remind you, we [...]

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The nights are getting longer!

South Africa is very slowly heading into winter. While, for now, it's hardly noticeable, the nights are becoming longer and the days shorter. In order to keep up with these changing daylight hours and to bring you a safari during the best animal viewing times, WE are going to need to make a small change [...]

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It’s now easier than ever to become a WildEarth Explorer!

Since we launched the WildEarth Explorers programme in late November, many of you have requested whether we could add more payment options, and make it possible to purchase a membership for someone else as a gift. It took some time to set this all up but the following options to join have been added: A [...]

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Completing the change from safariLIVE to WildEarth for our safaris

As most of you will know, we have transitioned from referring to our daily safaris as safariLIVE to WildEarth safaris since our partnership with National Geographic ended in mid-2019. This, to avoid confusion with both our old and new audiences as, while it had become commonplace to refer to all our safaris on Facebook, YouTube, [...]

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WE have launched a brand new shop

Just in time for Christmas, WE have launched a brand new shop. In fact, we have launched three new shops so that more of our viewers can buy WildEarth clothes and not have to pay expensive shipping costs. For our US viewers, we have a WildEarth shop on Teespring. If you want to check it [...]

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It,s getting hot, time to change the safari times!

From Tuesday 8th December WE will be starting our Sunset Safari half an hour later. South Africa is now in the heart of its summer and it's extremely hot until late in the day. WE need to keep in tune with our animals and. Going out later and staying out later will mean you will [...]

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A townhall meeting with Graham this coming Sunday

This coming Sunday Graham will be holding another town hall meeting during which he will give a detailed update on the events of the past months, where we stand as WildEarth now, the WildEarth Explorers programme, and the outlook for the future. And, of course, you will be able to ask questions! The town hall [...]

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WildEarth to start broadcasting from Buffelshoek and Torchwood

As many of you will know, WildEarth and the landowners of Buffelshoek and Torchwood have been discussing ways to make it possible for WildEarth to also include these properties in our daily broadcasts. Now, finally, this will become a reality! From the Sunrise Safari on Saturday, WE will be traversing Buffelshoek and Torchwood for a [...]

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