safariLIVE time change September 2017

The warm winds of summer are beginning to gently caress the African wilds. The sun arrives earlier each morning and departs later each evening. This means that WE are once again due for a time change to our scheduled LIVE safari drives. As of the 22nd of September WE will be heading out into [...]

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safariLIVE Time change August 2017

On August 15 WE will once again be altering our drive times. The summer months are quickly approaching and the sun’s wandering journey across the African sky begins earlier and ends later each day. In order to make sure you are in the wilderness at the same time as all the wild action, the sunset [...]

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How WE answer YOUR questions

Over the past few days WE have noticed that a few of our wonderful and loyal viewers have expressed their concerns over how WE choose and answer questions on safariLIVE. So WE have taken this opportunity to detail exactly how questions are gathered and chosen to be sent through to the LIVE presenters. There [...]

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Tara Pirie returns to safariLIVE for a few drives

Well safarians you are in for a big surprise! WE are welcoming back Tara Pirie for a few guest drives during the month of August. As some of our oldest viewers will know, Tara joined the safariLIVE family in March 2010 and spent almost two years guiding our wonderful viewers through the African wilderness. During [...]

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safariLIVE Time changes August 2017

The summer sun is slowly starting to warm up the safariLIVE crew once again! Light breaks the morning horizon earlier while sun-downer stops are ending later.   As a result WE need to change up our scheduled drive times a little. From the 1st of August 2017, the sunrise safari will be starting 30 mins [...]

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WE want to say thank you for your support of the “WE are rhinos campaign!”

WE want to extend a profoundly sincere thank you to all the viewers who participated in the “WE are rhinos” campaign! Not only did we reach our target of raising $3,000 but we exceeded that by almost $1,000 extra! All of these funds are being donated to the Ngalave creche in SA and will be [...]

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WE are rhinos needs a little more help from YOU!

WE want to thank YOU, our loyal and always dependable viewers for all you generous contributions to the “WE are rhinos campaign.” So far WE have been able to raise $1,800 to help renovate and provide much needed educational equipment to the children at the Ngalave creche. (Black rhino gazes across a vast open [...]

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safariLIVE time change 16 May 2017

Well safarians winter is finally upon us and that means one final time change as we delve into the cooler months of the year. Dawn breaks over the African wilderness ever later, the dawn chorus is lulling as migrants and fledglings spread their wings to soar to faraway places, and the safariLIVE crew’s alarm clocks [...]

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safariLIVE May rehearsal schedule 2017

With another appearance on television screens across the US hurtling towards us, WE need to polish up and practice until our performance is perfect. That means WE will be having just a few private rehearsals in the week to come. While this does mean that you will miss a safari or two it also ensures [...]

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