Send in your wildlife clips and receive money for your amazing videos.

The Opportunity

  • Upload your amazing wildlife sightings and earn cash.
  • If we want to use your clip(s), we will pay you upfront.
  • Be entered into a quarterly draw to win a travel prize if your clip is accepted.
  • Your clips might feature on television and the internet to a global audience and your name will be in the credits.

What we are looking for:

  • Wild animal videos from any location globally
  • Filmed on any camera, including smart phones
  • Any length

Videos that tell a story:

  • Cute and heart-warming
  • Unique sightings or unusual behaviour
  • Action-packed hunts and fight

Terms and conditions

  • You confirm that you have all the necessary rights to the video being uploaded to provide WildEarth with the required permission to use it across our platforms and in created content.
  • You will continue to own the copyright to the video.
  • We will pay you cash upfront for your clip. The amount depends on the quality of the clip.
  • Upon payment, you will provide WildEarth with a non-exclusive license to use your footage across all of our platforms and created content.

Read the full Terms and Conditions here.

What happens after you upload a video:

  • The WildEarth production team will review your clip and give you feedback.
  • If we would like to use it we will get in touch to discuss payment and a formal agreement between WildEarth and you.
  • If your clip is accepted, you will go into the next quarterly travel prize draw.
  • Your clip might be used on our platforms or channels or in other WildEarth content and your name will appear in the credits unless you do not want it to appear.

What makes a good clip


The most interesting clips tell a story, meaning it has a beginning, a middle, and an end. This keeps people engaged from the very start and makes them want to watch to the end to follow the unfolding narrative. If you filmed a kill but either missed the chase or the takedown then it is not as interesting for the viewer, as they will feel they have not followed the animal on its journey.

Unique behaviour

If you have caught something on camera that is rarely seen in the wild then this is something we want to see. It could be a predator such as a leopard interacting with a prey animal such as an impala without killing it. It could be a birth or a melanistic/leucistic animal, a mother rushing to help her infant, or any other special or rarely captured moment.

Baby Animals

Baby animals are super popular the world over, so if you have some cute clips then we would love to see them.


We all know that predators have to survive in the wild and the way they do that is by killing prey animals. The strength and power that the animal shows is nothing short of a miracle and if you have caught this on camera then we would love to see it. We are far more interested in seeing the hunt and the chase than the killing or the eating because many global viewers around the world find this traumatic to watch, understandably.

Upload your Content

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