WILD Dads –  “A week-long celebration of fathers in the animal kingdom.” – 19th to 24th June 2022

As we prepare to sing paternal praises this Father’s Day, let us not forget the Dads in the animal kingdom.

Unfortunately, when it comes to paternal instincts, there are more than a couple of lousy dads in nature.

Most are programmed to produce as many heirs as possible but their role as protectors are beyond important.

In aid of fathers day this year, we are going to look at all males in the wild and the critical part that they play.

Join us for a week of fun as we celebrate the wild men of the bush.

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Fireside Chat

James Hendry will be joining us for our Fathers Day special Fireside Chat on 19th June 2022. Him and Ale will be discussing our Wild Dads and the role of male animals in general. This will be for Explorers only.

Watch Here

Wild Dad Merchandise

Here at WildEarth, our Dads are our heroes and this month we’re saying thank you to them with our very own Father’s Day clothing line. If your father belongs fireside in the bush, these items are just for him.

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