Phase 1 of diveLIVE is complete. WE thank you for your support during what was a successful test phase and look forward to sharing more views of the underwater world with you in future. View past dives below, and click here for even more diveLIVE content.

diveLIVE is a free, twice-daily, interactive, expert-hosted marine safari broadcast via the internet LIVE from under the ocean.

This show enables you to interact with a marine expert and diver in real time as they explore the underwater world. The diver works in partnership with a surface narrator to bring you commentary from under the ocean on the plethora of marine life dwelling on beautiful tropical reefs as it appears on your screen.

Completely unscripted and unpredictable – this show is reality TV as it is supposed to be. Authentic and REAL.


EST – 7am
 EDT – 8am
    GMT – 12pm


EST – 11am
 EDT – 12pm
GMT – 4pm

diveLIVE pilot phase comes to you from Grand Cayman in the Caribbean.

This is a world-class diving site with rich, vibrant, biodiverse tropical reef ecosystems, crystal-clear blue wilderness at its best.

Meet the diveLIVE Team

Lauren Arthur

Marine Biologist

Growing up on the coast of Scotland, Lauren became obsessed with the ocean and everything in it. She decided to study marine biology as mermaiding wasn’t an option. After graduating with a Masters in Tropical Coastal Management, she began her six-year career as a resident marine biologist in the Maldives. Her main passion is manta rays and she has travelled the world from Fiji and Mexico to South Africa with experts to understand more about their populations and migrations. Throughout her career Lauren specialised in photographic mark-recapture studies of various animals, especially turtles and mantas, creating citizen science projects accessible to everyone. She believes anyone can make a difference and that it’s important to connect people to nature, the oceans and coral reefs, allowing everyone to save the world’s oceans one step at a time.

Patrick Fitzgerald

Marine Biologist

Patrick first told his parents he wanted to study Marine Biology when he was 4 years old because he wanted other kids to enjoy the ocean like he did. He has since worked his way through an Honours Degree and found employment at Flinders University in Adelaide, South Australia. He finds the ocean an infinite source of knowledge, curiosity and fun and throughout his life has found the more intimate his relationship with the ocean, the more he cares about it and wants to change his life to benefit it. His hope for diveLIVE is to inspire this same connection in others, particularly those unfamiliar with the ocean. He’s especially thrilled to be taking diveLIVE audiences on epic oceanic experiences.

Simone Herrmannsen

Marine Biologist

Enticed by the excitement of crashing waves, Simone’s original love of the ocean began in the wild world of rock pools. From octopuses to nudibranchs, the uniqueness of the sea’s organisms drove her to pursue a career in science. The peculiar interactions, adaptations and delicate balances of the unseen ecosystems fueled an unstoppable curiosity, urging her to share it with others. Teaching others to explore, admire and protect the most precious environments on Earth is Simone’s passion and she believes everyone can make a difference. Using humour, knowledge and a few inevitable mishaps, she can’t wait to take diveLIVE audiences on the next underwater adventure.

Emil Karath

Camera Operator

Despite hailing from landlocked Hungary, the water and the sea are Emil’s life. When he was just 6 years old, he had a near fatal water accident. Nobody thought he would go into the water again… they were very wrong! Emil has been scuba diving for 30 years and was the second finalist in the European and World Orientation Diving Championships. During his university years he studied marine biology and participated in international marine research projects. His passion for the ocean didn’t stop there as he wanted to share the joy of the oceans with everyone and so he made his very first film, which won accolades at several film festivals. Emil is excited to be joining the diveLIVE crew as a camera operator as this allows him to share the miracles of the oceans with all of you.

Riaan Van Der Merwe

Camera Operator

An avid safariLIVE fan with a long-time dream of becoming a wildlife filmmaker, Riaan can’t wait to start sharing his passion for sharks and the oceans they call home through diveLIVE. Riaan is an underwater videography instructor, PADI and BSAC instructor and a Class 4 commercial diver who has been filming underwater for nearly a decade.  Riaan has worked on many exciting projects including the sardine run in South Africa and scooped first place at the annual Sodwana “shoot-out”.

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We would like to thank the following contributors who have helped to make diveLIVE a reality: 

Executive Producers

Alli Lowe

Amy Jackson

Andrea Rees

Barbara Russell

Betty & Allen Brooks

Carrie Stetler

Chris Genaw Brackett

Gemma Kemps

James Atkinson

Lisa Antell

Richard Beard

Rohn & Tori Dixon

Sebastian Zierer

Teresa Eubanks

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