Join the WildEarth and EcoTraining EcoCam experience

The EcoCam Experience (7 or 14 or 28 days) provides a true wilderness experience.

It incorporates aspects of a Safari Guide course, such as ecology, animal tracks, tracking, and basic bush skills along with aspects of wildlife filmmaking, such as camera work, presenting, and producing.

It’s aimed at those who have a passion for natural history and are interested to find out more about working in nature. 


Are you in search of a truly unique and unforgettable adventure in the wild? Imagine living and breathing the same air as the animals you see on TV, while getting an inside look at how a live safari television show operates and learning what it’s like to be a safari guide. We’re thrilled to offer our guests the chance to experience this firsthand, through our 7, 14, and 28-day EcoCam Experiences.


If you’d like to experience a day in the life of a working safari guide, if you have a passion for nature and adventure, or if you have always wanted to go behind the scenes on a wildlife film shoot then you will enjoy the EcoCam Experience. 

You’ll be staying in a rustic camp at Pridelands Game Reserve, nestled in the Greater Kruger National Park in South Africa. Enjoy the thrill of an immersive wildlife experience while being catered to with all meals provided.

Each day, you’ll join the broadcast vehicle with a camera operator and naturalist presenter as they broadcast LIVE onto WildEarth, a 24/7 wildlife television channel that reaches 7 million people every single month across 25 global platforms.

You’ll also have the opportunity to get a taste of what it’s like to be a safari guide. You’ll participate in guide training, bush walks, bush clearing, and other activities alongside other students in the EcoTraining safari guide training group. And, you’ll have the opportunity to sleep out in the bush with a team of people and take turns at guard duty with guiding students.

Available EcoCam dates

We have availability throughout the year.

Contact us to discuss your preferred dates.

How much does the EcoCam Experience cost?

  7-day Experience:       R17,500 (Use code ECOCAM7 to receive a R300 discount)

14-day Experience:      R35,000 (Use code ECOCAM14 to receive a R600 discount)

28-day Experience:     R70,000 (Use code ECOCAM28 to receive a R1,200 discount)

How do I book?

You can book your unique EcoCam Experiences by clicking on one of the links below. 

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