Give a WildEarth Explorers membership as a present

You can now also purchase a WildEarth Explorer membership for someone else as a present for either three or six months, or for one year. The way to do this is by taking this subscription out in your name and then writing to us with the info (site username and email address of the person) you would like us to assign it to.

Three months: $17.95 (~EUR14.95, ~GBP13.25, ~ZAR248)

Six months: $34.90 (~EUR29.90, ~GBP26.50, ~ZAR495)

One year: $69.80 (~EUR59.80, ~GBP53.00, ~ZAR990)

This Explorer level provides all the normal Explorer benefits.

We can only assign the gift Explorer membership after we receive the following info at :

1. The giver’s site username and email address

2. The intended recipient’s site username and address

We will endeavour to activate the gift membership within 48 hours of receiving this information. Note that if you pay through a bank transfer some features of the membership, like eligibility to win prizes, will only activate once payment has been received in our account.

Should you have any questions about signing up, or the programme, please let us know through the ‘Help’ function at the bottom of the page.

Please make sure you are logged in with your site account when signing up so your membership will be assigned correctly. Should you not have a free site account yet, you can register here.

Should you want to go back to the Explorers overview page, click here.

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