How can I view and trade my NFT?

This part largely depends on the NFT wallet (e.g. Venly.io or Torus wallet) you used to purchase your NFTs or indicated during the checkout by credit card. In some incl. Venly.io and Torus wallet your NFTs are displayed a few minutes after your purchase if you are connected to the Polygon network in your settings. [...]

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What does the reseller receive?

The reseller sets a price on any NFT marketplace and will receive 90%, while 10% by its underlying contract is attributed to the conservation of the animals. The various marketplaces will further charge a percentage for the exchange. Please research the various marketplaces policies.

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Please contact us if you find a fraudulent NFT.

Should you encounter scams, or fraudulent WildEarth Animal Conservation NFTs, please contact and let us know. WildEarth has taken steps to prevent any misuse of our NFTs and though we do not expect this to be an issue, your help in this regard will be much appreciated should you come across it!

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How does my NFT purchase benefit conservation?

We believe that wildlife conservation is all about conserving productive wildlife habitats which will enable wild animals to continue to roam freely and unhindered. Purchasing our unique Animal Conservation NFTs provides a financial incentive to the custodians of the habitats to continue to conserve their land and generates a new, less damaging to the wildlife [...]

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How and where do I create a wallet?

The crypto wallet you choose to use is important in order to be able to receive our NFT’s. Your wallet will need to be able to receive NFT’s minted on the Polygon (MATIC) blockchain otherwise they will be lost upon transfer and are irretrievable and irreplaceable thereafter. Should you decide to not only hold and [...]

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What do I do with my NFTs?

Congratulations on your purchase and thank you for supporting the conservation of our wild animals and their habitats with the purchase of our Animal Conservation NFT’s. By simply holding your NFTs you’ll receive monthly updates about the animals in the Genesis collections. Please refer to the Animal NFTs page, the roadmap on our website for [...]

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Are my Wildearth NFT’s an investment?

Your WildEarth tokens are a wonderful way of helping to support and conserve the habitat of your favourite animals, right now and hopefully, into the future. These tokens should not be viewed as an investment as the market for NFT’s is risky and extremely volatile. The value of these NFTs can vary dramatically in the [...]

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