This part largely depends on the NFT wallet (e.g. or Torus wallet) you used to purchase your NFTs or indicated during the checkout by credit card. In some incl. and Torus wallet your NFTs are displayed a few minutes after your purchase if you are connected to the Polygon network in your settings. Sometimes they need a little longer to be properly displayed and some wallets including Coinbase Wallet and Trust Wallet your NFTs are correctly attributed to your wallet on the Polygon blockchain, their interface, however, is not capable of displaying your NFTs properly.

To verify whether your NFTs have been correctly attributed to your wallet simply go to Polygonscan and search for your public wallet address in the search field. Once your wallet is displayed and in case you have received your Wildlife Conservation NFT you will see a tab entitled ‘ERC-721 Token Txns’ where your NFTs will be listed. Here you’ll also directly see your NFTs’ Contract and Token IDs.

All our Wildlife Conservation NFTs are automatically also listed to, the largest marketplace for NFTs. To learn how to view and trade your NFTs from there and how to import NFTs into your Metamask mobile app view the Step-by-step guides on our wallets page.