We believe that wildlife conservation is all about conserving productive wildlife habitats which will enable wild animals to continue to roam freely and unhindered. Purchasing our unique Animal Conservation NFTs provides a financial incentive to the custodians of the habitats to continue to conserve their land and generates a new, less damaging to the wildlife than tourism, stream of income. So if an Animal Conservation NFT is purchased for a specific leopard known to live or to have lived in a specific area or multiple areas, the custodian of that area will be paid 40% of the sale in local currency to continue to conserve that habitat. If these NFTs are resold in the future, a portion of 8% of the value of every resale is paid perpetually in local currency to the custodian of the land, as well as 2% to WildEarth to support the broadcasting of the animals. We believe this is a wonderful way to help keep our wild areas and animals free to live their lives with minimal human interference.