How to mint Wildlife Conservation NFTs

How to mint NFTs by paying with a credit card

In order that we can process your mint order after purchase by credit card, you need to have an NFT compatible wallet set up. We suggest setting up a wallet as it is very user-friendly to set up, you can connect it to (the largest marketplace for NFTs) and it will directly showcase your NFTs in your wallet after mint if you follow the below instructions:

How to set up a Venly Wallet

  1. Go to on your desktop
  2. Click on ‘My Wallet’ in the top right.
  3. Follow the instructions to set up your account.
  4. From the different wallets, choose the one that says ‘Matic’
  5. Then select ‘Create New Wallet’
  6. You now have a Matic wallet.
  7. The wallet address is in the top right. Note to fully copy it, click the copy icon (two overlaying squares) to the right of it as the display does not always show all characters otherwise.
  8. Just below the centre of the page, you will see a tab called ‘NFT’. Once you’ve purchased and received one or more, you will see them here.

How to mint an NFT using MATIC cryptocurrency

There are 4 main requirements to purchase Wildlife Conservation NFTs: (1) Have a MetaMask or a WalletConnect compatible wallet; (2)Have the Polygon network setup in your wallet; (3) Hold MATIC on Polygon in your wallet (Get it from an exchange or through services like MoonPay, Transak, Ramp, or others), (4) Your wallet is connected to this mint page and the network is set to Polygon in it

Find step-by-step guides below on:

  1. How to set up a Metamask wallet
  2. How to set up the Polygon network in your wallet
  3. Where and how to purchase MATIC directly on Polygon by credit card without paying high gas prices
  4. What to look out for when you’re all set to mint on
  5. How to view your NFTs on and how to import them to your Metamask wallet

How to set up a MetaMask Wallet

  1. Go to
  2. MetaMask works with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Brave browsers, and on mobile on iOS and Android.
  3. Download it for your browser (or the app for your mobile device from the app store)
  4. Follow the instructions in your browser to add it in.
  5. Create a wallet and choose a password
  6. Watch the video on the secret recovery phrase
  7. Then click reveal to see your secret recovery phrase
  8. As per the video, capture it carefully, write it down, take a picture of it, save it somewhere, but make sure no one else can get access and you will not forget where you’re keeping it.
  9. Then press ‘Next’
  10. You will be asked to click on the words in the order they appear in the phrase to confirm you’ve captured it correctly.
  11. Once you’ve done that, you now have a MetaMask wallet.

How to add the Polygon (MATIC) network to your MetaMask wallet

  1. On the top, you will see ‘Ethereum Mainnet’
  2. On a desktop, click on that and select ‘Add Network’
  3. On mobile, click on the three lines in the top left and then on ‘Networks’ and ‘Add Network
  4. Add the following info:
    1. Network name: Polygon
    2. New RPC URL:
    3. Chain ID: 137
    4. Currency symbol: MATIC
    5. Block Explorer URL:
  5. Select Polygon as network

How to add MATIC to your MetaMask wallet on Polygon

Our NFTs run on MATIC on the Polygon chain (not the old ERC20 MATIC on the Ethereum chain!) you can acquire this directly into your wallet from various exchanges like Binance, Coinbase and others. Or through deposit/withdrawal services like Ramp, Transak, MoonPay, and others that offer direct purchase of Polygon Matic from using a credit card.

Which option works best for you depends on the country you are in and whether you already have an account on one of these exchanges or services. While the exchanges can take some effort to get fully registered and verified, the deposit/withdrawal services are generally quick and easy to get started with.

A longer list of available options can be found here:

In MetaMask you can find your MATIC wallet address under your Account. Click on it to copy it and then paste it in the exchange or service you’ve chosen as the source of your Polygon MATIC. Note that your wallet address is a string of 42 characters starting with 0x).

If you do also have a Venly wallet and want to use that to host your NFTs and acquire Polygon MATIC, check the how-to below the minting section on this page.

How to mint your Wildlife Conservation NFTs on

  1. Once your MATIC arrives in your wallet you are ready to mint your NFT
  2. On Desktop, go to in the browser you have installed MetaMask in
    • Make sure you are logged into your MetaMask wallet and that it is on the Polygon network.
    • Below ‘Connect your wallet’ click on the MetaMask icon
    • This will open MetaMask and by clicking ‘Next’ and ‘Connect’ your wallet is now connected.
  3. On Mobile, open MetaMask,
    • Click on the three lines in the top left to open the menu.
    • Then select ‘Browser’ 
    • Enter in the browser to go to the minting page.
  4. Select the animal NFT you want (and how many of it) and click ‘Mint’
  5. If there is enough MATIC in your wallet, the NFTs will be minted and loaded into your wallet. You will get a success message on the page.
  6. Note it can take 10 – 15 minutes for the NFT to arrive if the network is busy.
  7. For more NFTs, repeat step 6.

How to view and trade your NFTs

This part largely depends on the NFT wallet (e.g. or Torus wallet) you used to purchase your NFTs or indicated during the checkout by credit card. In some incl. and Torus wallet your NFTs are displayed a few minutes after your purchase if you are connected to the Polygon network in your settings. Sometimes they need a little longer to be properly displayed and some wallets including Coinbase Wallet and Trust Wallet your NFTs are correctly attributed to your wallet on the Polygon blockchain, their interface, however, is not capable of displaying your NFTs properly.

To verify whether your NFTs have been correctly attributed to your wallet simply go to Polygonscan and search for your public wallet address in the search field. Once your wallet is displayed and in case you have received your Wildlife Conservation NFT you will see a tab entitled ‘ERC-721 Token Txns’ where your NFTs will be listed. Here you’ll also directly see your NFTs’ Contract and Token IDs.

All our Wildlife Conservation NFTs are automatically also listed to, the largest marketplace for NFTs. To learn how to view and trade your NFTs from there and how to import NFTs into your Metamask mobile app view the Step-by-step guides below:

How to see your NFTs on OpenSea

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the wallet icon in the top-right corner
  3. Select your wallet with which you purchased your NFTs (e.g. MetaMask, or Torus wallet)
  4. Sign the contract with OpenSea
  5. Make sure you are connected to the Polygon Network
  6. Click on your profile icon (second to the right icon in the top right corner) and select ‘Profile’
  7. You can see your NFTs listed
  8. Click on the NFT to see its details, and to potentially sell your NFT. (Expert tip: If you right-click on the three dots below the NFT you can also use it as your profile picture on
  9. Click on the ‘Details’ tab on the bottom left to see the unique NFT Contract Address and Token ID (Expert tip: you can here also click on the NFT Contract Address to see all the mints and transfers on

How to see your NFTs in Metamask (only works on smartphone applications)

  1. Go to your Metamask app on your mobile phone
  2. Go to the ‘Wallet’ tab
  3. Click on ‘NFTs’ on the right side in the middle of the screen
  4. Click on ‘Import NFTs’ at the bottom of the screen
  5. Copy the NFT Contract address and Token ID from above
  6. Sign the contract
  7. Your NFT is now visible in the Metamask app

Unfortunately, this feature is not yet available in the Chrome plugin. There, you can only import your NFTs as ‘Tokens’ (cryptocurrency) and it won’t showcase the actual NFT.

How to add MATIC to your MetaMask wallet on Polygon via a wallet

This process enables you to purchase MATIC on the Polygon network with its very low gas prices and thus requires you to first get a account as well, we, therefore, split this section into two parts:

Part 1: setup

  1. Go to
  2. Click on ‘My wallet’
  3. On the login page, click on ‘New here? Create Account’
  4. Enter your account info and click ‘Create Account’
  5. Read and Accept Ts  and Cs to proceed
  6. Verify your email with the code received at your email address
  7. Set your master pin. Be sure to keep it safe and not forget it.
  8. Select ‘Matic’ from the wallet options.
  9. If you want to use your MetaMask wallet here, click Import wallet, otherwise click ‘Create Wallet’ (You can always import your MetaMask wallet later if you create a new wallet now.)
  10. Get the private key from your MetaMask wallet as follows:
    1.  Log into your MetaMask
    2. Click on the three dots in the top right
    3. Select account details
    4. Click on ‘Export private key’
    5. Enter your MetaMask password to reveal the private key
    6. Copy the private key
  11. Go back to to enter the private key and click ‘Import as MATIC wallet’
  12. Enter your master pin to confirm.
  13. Your MetaMask wallet is now accessible from

Part 2: Purchase MATIC by CreditCard

  1. Click on ‘Buy Matic’
  2. In the ‘You Pay’ field click on the drop-down to select your country
  3. Change the amount in either the ‘You Pay’ or ‘You Get’ field to set how much MATIC you’ll get or how much you want to pay.
  4. Click Proceed
  5. Enter your email address, accept the Ts and Cs  and click Proceed
  6. You will get a confirmation code in your email
  7. Enter this code into the site.
  8. On the next page, you can enter your Polygon (MATIC) wallet address. Double-check that the prefilled one is indeed your MetaMask one.
  9. If so, click confirm and Proceed.
  10. Choose your payment method. This can be different depending on your country.
  11. Enter the details of your chosen payment method and add it.
  12. Click ‘Buy Now’. If this is your first purchase you will need to provide proof of address and take a selfie for verification. This will not be required for the second and further purchases.
  13. Follow the prompts on screen and from your payment provider to complete the purchase.
  14. Click ‘Back to Arkane’
  15. Note that it can take some time for the MATIC to show up in your wallet
  16. The MATIC (as it is in your imported MetaMask wallet will also be visible from within MetaMask
  17. Depending on how busy the network is it can take 10 – 15 minutes for the MATIC to show up, although it’s often much faster than that.

What are Crypto Wallets?

A crypto wallet is an application or hardware device that allows individuals to store and transfer digital assets like cryptocurrencies and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Crypto wallets are based on blockchain technologies, which enable the recording of information that makes it impossible to change, hack or cheat the system.

When you download a crypto wallet, you take control of two 42-character keys; a public key, known as your wallet address, and a private key. You can think of your public key as your shareable bank account info, so copy and paste it in when people ask for your address. Your private key works like a password and should remain private.

Just as there are many banks and credit cards, there are many different crypto wallet providers to choose from. Crypto providers allow you to create a crypto wallet with an address to receive, sell and send cryptos and NFTs. In the process of creating your wallet, you will receive an individual code that will be your safeguarding key to access your wallet in case you forget your login credentials.

Attention: Make sure to keep your private key in a safe place, because if you lose your private key you lose access to your wallet and its contents (including WildEarth Animal Conservation NFTs) irretrievably! Unlike passwords, private keys can not be reset or replaced.

Some available free NFT wallets

  • Metamask: available as a Google Chrome Plugin and mobile app. The most popular NFT wallet. 
  • Torus wallet: Available on desktop and easy access with your Google Login.

This list is non-exhaustive and we only recommend wallets that are free, so that you have no recurring costs to hold your wallet.

Step-by-step guide

Although there might be slight differences between each wallet provider, the core concept remains largely unchanged:

  1. Download and install the app or go to the corresponding website
  2. Watch the explanation video / read the explanation steps
  3. Follow the instructions to safeguard your wallet private key
  4. Go to your account settings and change the default blockchain setting to Polygon (MATIC), set up the network or open a MATIC wallet
  5. Buy other crypto (e.g. ETH) on Polygon Mainnet
  6. Go to an exchange (e.g. Binance), connect your wallet and swap other crypto currency to MATIC (Alternatively you can also bridge MATIC or ETH to your NFT wallet if you already own cryptocurrencies on Ethereum, Attention: high gas fees (Learn here how it works)
  7. Go to our mint-page, connect your wallet, make sure you’re set to the Polygon network and confirm your purchase
  8. View your NFTs on Opensea and/or in your wallet (depends on wallet)

Example: Setting up a Metamask wallet

  1. Go to the or download the Metamask iOS or Android app
  2. Add Extension to Chrome (in case of the desktop version)
  3. Follow the setup instructions
  4. Select to ‘Create a Wallet’
  5. Create a password
  6. Follow the security instructions to safeguard your safety key
  7. Click on ‘Add Network’
  8. Insert details of Polygon network as displayed below