WildEarth’s Safari Partners

WildEarth is an honest and reliable company that is looking to forge long term relationships with its partners.

Whether you are a broadcaster, landowner or viewer we believe transparency and reliability is the only way. Once you are part of the WE family then together we will work towards making a difference on the beautiful planet that we live on. 


Djuma Game Reserve is WildEarth’s home base and always will be. Run and owned by the Moolman’s, this husband and wife team is nothing short of incredible and their reserve is home to many of our well loved animal characters. WildEarth continues with Djuma and the Moolman’s on this amazing adventure started so many years ago by another great team, the Wallingtons.

WildEarth began with a dream, a wild idea and a dam cam in 1998. Djuma was the birthplace of it all and since then WildEarth has achieved the unimaginable reaching millions around the world every month in our mission of connecting people to nature. Djuma is not open to the public at this time and will always be a treasured piece of pristine African wilderness, the heart and home of WildEarth.

EcoTraining Pridelands

A Pioneer and leader in safari guide and wildlife training in Africa, EcoTraining Pridelands is as wild as they come. Our naturalists love the rugged beauty of the mountain views and the classic lowveld bush that enable them to showcase some truly wonderful sightings of some of our animal characters against this backdrop.

WildEarth has been in partnership with EcoTraining Pridelands since late May 2020.


EcoTraining is widely respected in the industry for true excellence in nature guide training. This educational establishment offers safari guiding, wildlife training and ecotourism courses, ranging from six days to a year-long accredited programme.

The courses provide inspirational and immersive learning experiences for professional safari guides and guardians of nature.

Their aim is to inspire people to protect the natural world and create a generation of environmentally conscious citizens.

All courses are fun from EcoTraining’s unfenced wilderness camps in prime wildlife areas across South Africa, Botswana, and Kenya.

Amakhala Game Reserve

Home to some of our lesser-known predator and prey species as well as some shy characters like the bat-eared foxes, Amakhala Game Reserve has been amazing our viewers since June 2022. Our naturalists can’t get enough of this beautiful spot in the Cape region, with its unique plant life supporting an abundance of animals. The cheetah families that roam Amakhala are certainly another highlight of this magnificent reserve.


Amakhala Game Reserve is located in the malaria-free Eastern Cape of South Africa and offers a unique and fascinating wildlife experience that is not to be missed. The reserve offers a wide variety of three, four and five star owner-managed experiences with guest accommodation in a selection of ten diverse establishments. These lodges are made up of restored country houses, safari lodges, and tented camps located in different areas of the large 8 500 hectare reserve.

Visitors to this stunning reserve can explore the many wonders of the bush on Big 5 game-viewing adventures and exciting bush walks, or even choose to experience a thrilling horseback safari in the bush.

Amakhala Game Reserve continues to provide an excellent example of how communities can convert agricultural land for conservation purposes while promoting a viable tourism economy. Protecting the rhinos is a key factor in the ongoing success and sustainability of this initiative.

Madikwe Game Reserve

Madikwe is a vast northern wonderland offering an incredible abundance of species that perfectly compliments WildEarth’s home base at Djuma and our forays into the diversity of the Cape. We began broadcasting from the Madikwe Game Reserve in September 2022 and have not looked back! Our naturalists love the sheer abundance of animals, the bird diversity and the astonishing array of species that roam this glorious wild place.


Madike Game Reserve is an unforgettable African safari experience, crafted just for you. Unparalleled game viewing and sumptuous luxury await you in the selection of safari lodges, as the on-the-ground team guides you to your perfect destination. Indulge in opulent accommodation, enjoy family getaways and rustic wilderness hideaways.

Madikwe Game Reserve covers 80 000 hectares of spectacular African landscape, ranging from the Dwarsberg mountains in the south to the Inselbergs in the west and the Marico River in the east, with vast open plains in between.

Here, the famous Big 5 – lion, buffalo, leopard, elephant, and both black and white rhino – roam, along with giraffe, African wild dog, brown and spotted hyena, and cheetah. The density and diversity of Madikwe Game Reserve’s natural treasures must be seen to be believed. Large herds of elephants, towering giraffes, bounding springboks and curious, cackling hyenas fill the vast, open plains. This is picture-book Africa, as you dreamed it would be.

Madikwe Game Reserve’s location, close to the edge of the Kalahari Desert, ensures a truly diverse game-viewing experience. A malaria-free area, the reserve is a perfect choice for families and groups, with most safari lodges offering family-friendly accommodation options.

WildEarth’s Dam Cam Partners

WildEarth maintains cameras that bring you live views from these reserves. These waterholes are the perfect way to indulge in nature, soothe your soul and immerse yourself in the beauty of the wilderness.

Djuma Dam Cam

Situated on our beloved WildEarth home base of Djuma, you can never predict what you might see on this dam cam. Loved by viewers around the world, surprise is the name of the game at this special spot.

Manned by WildEarth’s wonderful volunteer team of zoomies who give so freely of their time, this cam is known for finding the most amazing sightings, from leopards in trees to packs of wild dogs pursuing their prey.

The zoomies also help to direct the naturalists, alerting them to animal movement, bird alarm calls and other exciting events.

Okaukuejo Dam Cam

This beautiful place in the famous Etosha National Park of Namibia is a privilege to see and WildEarth is proud of our partnership with this reserve.

The stark beauty of this waterhole can transform with the rains almost overnight, changing from a pale moonscape to the luscious, green of soft new grass. An important water source in this water-scarce region, an array of desert-adapted species from oryx to springbok stream to this waterhole for their daily drink. Lions are seen here regularly too.

With such an exquisite landscape, this waterhole is simply mesmerizing. WldEarth hopes to soon upgrade this dam cam to further improve your viewing experience.


Discover the magic of the Etosha National Park at Okaukuejo Resort. Situated in the heart of the magnificent Etosha National Park, just 17 km from the southern entrance, this resort allows you to witness some of the world’s most superb wildlife up close and personal.

The resort’s most notable feature is its floodlit waterhole, a must-visit for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. With the ability to observe lions, elephants, and black rhinos in their natural habitat both during the day and at night, you are sure to be in awe of these magnificent creatures. And, with the convenience of the floodlit waterhole, you can enjoy this unique experience even after the sun has set.

Okaukuejo Resort offers a range of accommodation options to suit every need and budget so that you can choose the perfect fit for your adventure.

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