Corky was born in late August/early September of 2009 to a female known as Floppy Ear. After the clan matriarch, Madame, died in 2017, Corky, aginst the odds, took over as matriarch at the expense of Pretty, who was Madame’s daughter. She’d had more than her fair share of escapes, including when she was attacked by one of the Avoca Males in November of 2018 close to the den area. including In August of 2019 she was seen with a badly injured elbow areas around Gowrie Dam. After she healed she returned to the den in early 2020, but by then Ribbon, a lower ranked female, Over time Corky has been clawing back some of her lost power and as of early November 2021, it looks like she might be getting close to regaining the matriarch position in the clan.

Max Supply: 600

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