This lion was born in late 2015 to one of the older Mhangeni females and sired by one of the Majingilane males. He, two siblings and 9 other sub-adults from the Mhangeni Pride were forced into early independence by the pride wehich marked the start of a tough journey through life. This male and a brother/cousin first showed up near the Nkuhuma Pride around September of 2018 with a bad case of mange. The two followed the Nkuhumas around for ometime after which his brother/cousin disappeared. Over time ther Mhangeni was accepted by part of the Nkuhuma pride and formed a bond with a young Nkuhuma male, a younger lioness and the oldest female known as Nana. He did recover from the mange and following this did well and was seen moving around the Sabi Sands with others for a while. Unfortunately, he was found dead in November of 2019. An autopsy found he died of natural causes and an internal infection.

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