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Benji Mejia
Anyone here lols!
Benji Mejia
I am gussing not!
hey benji?
Good morning, or good afternoon
Hi merlin
morning everyone
Dragon girl
hey bear
gm dg
todays driv e is going to be really cool i heard
Dragon girl
Dragon girl
hahaha i cant believe that startled me
avacado boys lol
Dragon girl
how old is the cub
18 months i think
Hey all are you guys having trouble staying logged on
Dragon girl
dont think so
Dragon girl
there so fuzzy
Is the other chat down? Djuma is also down.
hi mudj, we are all at the djuma waterhole
you here, mudj??
leps have magical powers to render your electronics useless - lol
way to go guys smile
fingers crossed
get that steak on 4 legs smile
great job tonight :-b
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safariLIVE is an award winning, expert hosted LIVE safari, broadcast directly from the African wilderness into your home.

Available on both the internet and television, this show enables you to interact with an expert game ranger in real time.

Safari vehicles, guides on foot, drones, balloons, rovers and remote cams are all searching for their favourite characters.

Completely unscripted and unpredictable – this show is reality TV as it is supposed to be. Authentic and REAL.


Central African Time (CAT): 06:00am – 09:00am

East African Time (EAT): 07:00am – 10:00am

Eastern Standard Time (EST): 00:00am – 03:00am


Central African Time (CAT): 15:30pm – 18:30pm

East African Time (EAT): 16:30pm – 19:30pm

Eastern Standard Time (EDT): 09:30am – 12:30pm

safariLIVE comes to you from The Sabi Sands and The Maasai Mara.

The Sabi Sands is part of the Greater Kruger National Park  found in the north-east Corner of South Africa.

The Maasai Mara National Reserve in south-western Kenya is the northern-most section of the Mara-Serengeti ecosystem.

Both offer a vast expanse of wilderness that Africa’s iconic animals can roam in freely.

safariLIVE Stories

safariLIVE stories provide a more in-depth look into the why’s and how’s of what happens in and around our LIVE shows.


Ever wondered how WE are able to broadcast to you LIVE from the middle of the African wilderness? Our Behind The Scenes productions showcase the exceptional talent and hard work that goes into bring the African wild to YOU!

safariLIVE Highlights

safariLIVE Highlights are our way of sharing our most wild moments. From lion kills to the cuteness of hyena cubs, WE are always sharing our best and most fascinating wild animal action!

Specials & Promos

WE are more than just a wildlife content creator, WE are also about building communities and sharing the wonders of Africa with everyone! From hosting international school safari’s to interviewing viewers from all corners of the globe, WE constantly try and bring YOU closer to the wonders of the African wilderness!

Meet the Cats


This beautiful female leopard was born at the end of 2006 and is litter-mate to her sister Shadow. Traditionally Thandi has always occupied territory to the east of Djuma, but since her mother, Karula, disappeared Thandi has begun to move further to the west. To date she has raised two cubs to successful independence, Bahuti and Kuchava. Currently she is doing a fine job of raising her new young male cub named “Thamba.” Thandi is easily identifiable by her striking light eyes and her distinct 3:3 whisker spot pattern.


Shadow is a resident female leopard and is often seen around Arathusa and the western edge of Djuma. She and her sister Thandi were first spotted at the end of February 2007. She is identified by the neat V notch on her right ear, a 4:3 whisker spot pattern and her distinct double necklace markings. The name Shadow is very appropriately named as she is seldom spotted and has a very shy manner.


Tingana is a male leopard, estimated to have been born in June of 2006. His name means ‘shy’, given his initial skittish behaviour around the game drive and filming vehicles. He has a large territory stretching across most of Arathusa and Djuma and is suspected to be the father of many different cubs in the area. He can be identified by his large size.

Nkuhuma Lions

The Nkuhuma pride of lions have earned a reputation as being survivors. “Nkuhuma” means Brown Ivory in Shangaan; the pride was given the name by  the Djuma rangers and trackers who first found them under a Brown Ivory tree on Djuma near Jordaans dam.

Birmingham Boys

The Birmingham Boys were first seen at Djuma in December 2014 although spent almost a year gathering their strength on the fringes of the Matimba coalition’s territory. During the last half of 2015 they successfully drove off this coalition and today are proudly dominant over the Styx and Nkuhuma prides with the cubs that will secure their bloodlines.

Angama Lions

The Angama pride are the resident lions around the safariLIVE camp. Little is known about their origins, but it is believed seven lionesses from the famous Marsh pride broke away and crossed the Mara river, west, in 2014. These lionesses managed to push the Kitchwe Tembo pride into the Mara North conservancy. At the moment the pride consists of four adult lionesses and 10 cubs all aged between two and six months old.

Scarface and the Musketeers

Scarface male lion is one of the most famous and recognisable cats in Africa. He along with his three brothers Hunter, Morani and Sikio made up the infamous Musketeer coalition. In 2012 Scarface sustained a severe injury to his right eyelid when he and the other Musketeers made a play at a territorial takeover. The four males were successful and then took dominance over the famous Marsh pride. Just over a year later the impressive male found himself on the pointy end of a Maasai spear as he attempted to bring down domesticated cattle. Now Scar can be found ruling over the Paradise pride and main crossing points along the Mara river.

The Musketeer Cheetah Coalition

The five male cheetahs, known as the Musketeer Coalition, dominate the eastern territories of the Maasai Mara National Reserve as well as the surrounding conservancies. They are a fascinating group of cats as they make up the largest coalition of male cheetah ever recorded in the wild. Their exact origins are unknown; it is believed that these five spotted speedsters came from three different mothers. In March 2017, the eldest male in the coalition was collared, and is affectionately called “D’Artagnan.” Although the five boys don’t always get along, when they hunt cooperatively there is almost no prey item they can’t bring down.

Meet the safariLIVE Team

Stefan Winterboer

Operations Manager & Safari Guide


James Hendry

Safari Guide


Jamie Paterson

Safari Guide

“It’s all about the intimate moments, the triumphs and the tragedies of the bush”

Brent Leo-Smith

Safari Guide

“It’s not always about the hairies and scaries”

Scott Dyson

Safari Guide

“Can you BELIEVE it?”

Tayla McCurdy

Safari Guide

“I don’t have A.D.D, it’s just that…oh look, a squirrel!”

Tristan Dicks

Safari Guide


Ralph Kirsten

Safari Guide


Steven Faulconbridge

Safari Guide

“Have you checked that with your binos?”

Herbeth Khoza

Guide Scout


Jeandre Gerding

Head of Camera Operations

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David Eastaugh

Camera Operator


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Camera Operator

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Camera Operator


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Camera Operator

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Network Engineer

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