The WildEarth Schools Project in partnership with WildEarth’s premier production, safariLIVE offers the chance for teachers to take their students
on a virtual field trip to Africa. You can jump onto the back of a safari vehicle with our expert guides and get your students’ questions LIVE in real time.

Transport your class into two of the most iconic wildlife areas in the world – the Kruger Park of South Africa and the Maasai Mara, in Kenya.
Look out for animals including elephant, lion, buffalo, cheetah, giraffe and hippo. Marvel at birds and appreciate beautiful flowers, trees and landscapes.

It’s interactive. It’s educational. And it’s free…

What is a safariLIVE School Session?

safariLIVE is an award-winning daily, interactive broadcast, hosted by expert safari guides and streamed LIVE to the Internet directly from South Africa and Kenya.
♦ A school session is 45-minutes of that broadcast dedicated exclusively to answering your class’ questions. Each school session is dedicated to a maximum of three schools per date.

How do I book a FREE School Session for my class?

♦ Go to and select your chosen day, time and corresponding age group.
(Age groups are 4-6 / 6-8 / 8-11 /10-13 / 13-15 / 16+)
♦ A WildEarth correspondent will contact you via email to confirm/rearrange your application.
♦ Connect with our Skype account – “WildEarth Schools Project

Important information needed to host a School Session is listed below, please take a moment to read through the points below.

The safariLIVE Educator Site and educator guide, in partnership with National Geographic Education,

offers resources for teachers whose students participate in our safariLIVE schools programme.

Visit the new site and get inspired with new ways to bring a LIVE safari into your classroom –

The setup for your classroom:

Device #1 – Laptop, computer or iPad Device #2 – Laptop, computer or iPad
♦ Connected to a large screen / projector

♦ Connected to a source of sound

♦ Connected to a reliable internet connection

♦ Has the latest Adobe Flash player installed

♦ Enabled with full permissions to view Youtube

(please check these permissions by visiting our previous live shows on our Youtube Channel)

On the day of your school session, open Youtube 30 minutes before your session begins and ensure the page opens correctly.

♦ Has Skype installed

(please ensure you are using Skype, and not Skype for Business)

♦ Connected with “WildEarth Schools” contact

On the day of your school session, be online & active on this Skype account 30 minutes before your session begins.

♦ A safariLIVE representative will contact you there to establish communication for the School Session.

♦ The directors will add your questions to on-screen graphics. To speed up this process, type & send questions as follows:
“Sarah – How big is that lion?”
“Chris – How old is that lion?”

The “fine print”

♦ Animal behaviour that is too graphic for young participants – we won’t broadcast it.

*A safariLIVE representative will warn you on Skype, and you can choose to view it & learn with your class.

♦ safariLIVE is a 3-hour broadcast. A School Session is a 45-minute portion of that broadcast.

♦ You should inform safariLIVE of what your class is studying, we don’t follow curriculums but we can appropriately contextualise the answers to your class’ questions.

♦ safariLIVE is an engaging experience when it is fully interactive – you should encourage questions constantly, and they should be based on what is seen on screen so our guides can easily interact with your class.

♦ We recommend that first-time participants watch previous safaris to see what can be expected. Then you can also test the Youtube viewing permissions of your school’s network security.

♦ In return for your School Session, we encourage you to send us thank-you videos, pictures, drawings or letters, from the class.

*Please notify us of any permission given / not given for publicly sharing this media