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WildEarth Schools

The WildEarth Schools Project enables teachers to realise that not all classrooms have four walls. WildEarth’s premier production, safariLIVE offers the chance for students to feel like they are jumping onto the back of a safari vehicle in the African bush. It immerses them in all the sights and sounds that the wilderness has to offer.

And it’s free …

Keep your eyes open for elephant, lion, buffalo, cheetah, giraffe and many other iconic African species. Expect to be amazed when the expert guides bring a wide range of critters from this wild, natural environment right into your classroom!

WildEarth School Sessions with safariLIVE – The future of nature education.

What is safariLIVE?

safariLIVE is an award-winning daily, interactive broadcast, hosted by expert safari guides and streamed LIVE to the internet directly from South Africa and Kenya.


“WildEarth School Sessions strive to engage and personalise the safari experience ‘for the youth who are our young conservationists”.

How do I book a FREE School Session for my class?

It only takes a minute to register your class for a School Session. Go to schoolbookings.wildearth.tv and select your chosen day, time and corresponding age group. A WildEarth correspondant will contact you via email and give you all the information you need.

What does my class need for the School Session?

  •       A reliable internet connection with permissions to view Youtube
  •      The latest Adobe Flashplayer

  •      Sound for the classroom

  •      A large screen for your class to be able to view the live broadcast

  •      A computer or iPad set up with a Skype account; used to submit questions

What if active predation or mating happens during the School Session?

WildEarth is committed to not broadcasting any animal behaviour that is too graphic for young school children. A safariLIVE representative in touch with you on the day of your School Session will warn you of any graphic content.