Promote your brand through sponsorship

WildEarth owns and runs a 24/7 wildlife channel which is made up of a number of different wildlife shows. We are always looking for companies who would like to connect their brand with a family-friendly, environmentally forward and mentally healthy brand such as WildEarth.

In return for sponsorship of one of our shows, WildEarth offers a number of different elements to promote your brand at the start and during these shows.

Current sponsorship opportunities

Search & ID (launching soon)

A drone with a thermal camera is flown in the darkness across Djuma Private Game Reserve in the Sabi Sands, in search of hotspots in the bush. Each time a hotspot is found, the drone commander calls in his experienced ground teams to identify and watch the animals in Infrared, so it is not disturbed.

All this is done completely LIVE and viewers can interact with our experts in real-time as they brave the deep dark night in search of Africa’s hidden secrets.

Each episode in the series will be two hours long and will be broadcast in prime time in South Africa as well as in many countries around the globe. 

The opportunity

Branded title sequence

Your logo will be added to the opening sequence for the show

Rotating logo bug

Your logo will be visible in the top right-hand corner of the screen for five seconds out of every thirty, alternating with the WildEarth logo

L-board squeeze backs

Three times per hour a branded L-board will be displayed with a message from the sponsor, providing a further opportunity to communicate with the viewers without taking them away from the experience.

These three elements combine to have your brand visible for over 20 minutes during each show.

Cost: R10,000 (GBP500, USD700, EUR600) per show, for a minimum of seven shows.

To find out more about the opportunities for show sponsorship, please contact us at