The Cat Report: 21 – 28 July

HOSANA (Image Credit: Payton Payne)   22 July Lying in the thicket next to twin dams. Stretching before getting up and starting to move then lying down again. He started walking and watching impala using the car to hide from them  then he moved off toward the dam wall and stopping for a drink [...]

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The Cat Report: 7 July – 14 July

TINGANA (Screenshot: Lily Brown )   7 July Last minute leopard Tingana sawed his way through the thickets between Gowrie and Buffelshoek cutline, his eyes aglow in the IR. HOSANA (Screenshot: Saara ) 8 July Hosana took us by surprise at Treehouse Dam on sunset safari! WE hadn’t expected to see him and [...]

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The Cat Report 30 June – 7 July

ANGAMA PRIDE (Angama lioness gazing intently over the plains, Screenshot Credit: safariLIVE) 30 June All of the lionesses and their cubs were found on the move again, with one of the cubs pausing in an attempt to take in the view from a balanites tree. 3 July The lionesses, after a failed zebra hunt, [...]

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The Cat Report 25th April – 1st May

Monday the 25th of AprilThe mystery leopard is back! Only minutes after the start of the sunrise safari, Sam and Wium found themselves hot on the heels of a male leopard. Soon after finding the tracks, so fresh they were most probably still warm, Sam’s expert eyes caught the flick of a tail. Wium spun [...]

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The Cat Report 18 – 24 April

Monday the 18th of AprilAn explosive and bounding start to the week with the return of the Sands wild dog pack. Chaos ensued as always, the doges coursed their way through the reserve. Both safariLIVE vehicles joined the melee as the dogs bounded across quarantine and into the Milawati drainage line. The dogs then came [...]

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The Cat Report 10 – 17 April

Sunday the 10th of April Yet another sensational start to the week, WE are now able to traverse on Cheetah Plains Private Reserve after a heroic effort from the incredible safariLIVE tech team (watch video here)! As the sun was rising in the east, so Brent and Bryan headed out to explore the new traverse. [...]

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The Cat Report 1st – 9th April

Saturday the 2nd of AprilThe week was off to a high action start with one of the Birmingham male lions found on the hunt in the early morning at Sydney’s dam. Brent was on scene as the lion attempted to chase down a young waterbuck calf. The hunt however, ended in failure and the big [...]

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The Cat Report 26th March – 1st April

Saturday the 26th of MarchThe week is off to a promising start with Queen Karula posing as the iconic leopard. She was discovered lounging in a large marula tree with a duiker kill draped across thick and comfy boughs (watch video here). The kill was made short work of by the hungry leopardess as feeding [...]

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The Cat Report 27 February – 2 March

The Cat Report 27 February - 2 MarchSaturday the 27th of FebruaryExciting news from the bush as Scott managed to catch up with the new unknown male leopard seen exploring new territory around Buffelshoek dam. Camera Operator Wium (aka “eagle eyes”) managed to spot our skittish new companion as Scott made his daily rounds through [...]

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The Cat Report – 6 February – 24 February 2016: A recap on all the cat action over the past month!

Saturday the 6th of FebruarySome freshes faces greet us this morning with a sighting of 3 Styx lioness. The cats were spotted by Brent early on the sunrise safari, bathed in the glory of the African sunrise. At the start of the month one of the females was sighted mating with one of the Birmingham [...]

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