Why WE do what we do

WildEarth strives to make a difference, not only through entertaining content, but also fostering real connections with all of you. Here are some of the amazing testimonials we have received about safariLIVE.

“I’ve only been a viewer of safariLIVE for a little over a month but I want to thank you both from the bottom of my heart for all that you do. Because of you and your team, I am now planning to study Biodiversity and Conservation next September with the hopes of doing a PhD afterwards so that I can help towards the continuance of the many amazing species we see on drives. You have changed my life and for that I cannot thank you enough.” – Fran

“Been addicted for the past 3 years now. We even have our 5 week old baby listening to James and the crew at 5:30am while I feed her and keep one eye on whats happening.” – Mike 

 “The ‘live’ factor makes me truly feel a part of things, even to where I could ask a question if I would want to, and it is amazing to experience the lives of these animals as it is actually happening in real time, not in some disjointed way via a documentary or movie. On today’s sunrise safari (October 29), I actually got so excited for Tristan when he finally got to see the cheetahs on his own turf that I realized what a real connection I have drawn with these people and these safaris. I don’t want that to come off sounding odd or distorted. Even given my circumstances, I still have a good life and good friends and family. I’m not a recluse. But still, this is a new world for me to have and enjoy in being able to take part in these safaris.” – Barbara

“safariLIVE helped save my life, literally and I just want to thank you so much for all your efforts. I contracted a rare muscle disease and became completely paralyzed in 2015. I could do nothing for myself and would have lost my mind without your live safari that gave me a window to the living, real world of South Africa. You gave me a reason to fight to wake up every morning because I wanted to see what was going on with Karula, Shadow, and the Nkuhumas. Even in the hospital in Phoenix, Arizona, I could use the internet and watched on YouTube, thanks to the nurses. When I was able, with IVIG treatment to regain some mobility by 2016, I was hooked. There is no cure for me, (neither for my muscle disease or safari live addiction) and I thank you for making my days more livable.”  – Deborah

“Your show has not only helped me through trying times but has been a source of joy for others.” – Jana

“…I’m currently living with a very slow-progressing terminal illness. My only window to the outside world is my tablet, but I’m often too ill to communicate with others even via social media. Your show has helped me through many long, lonely, and often painful nights. Most importantly, safariLIVE gives my mind a door to the outside world. I never tire of the realization that the things I’m seeing on my screen are happening right that very moment half a world away. The guides and camera teams do a terrific job of helping me feel right there on the scene, and the workers in final control (and everyone else involved in producing this show) ensure that the efforts of those guides and camera teams are put to their best use and reach my little eight inch tablet reliably, every single day. Words simply cannot express how important this twice daily outing has become to me, how much I look forward to it, or how much it has improved my quality of life.” – Brooke

“Above all, I want to thank you for the extraordinary generosity of what you offer.  The safariLIVE outings twice a day are truly wondrous.  Friends who have always enjoyed wild life programs on TV seem bemused my by enthusiasm.  I try to get over how heart-stopping it is, in a world of the superficial quick fix, to be afforded the opportunity to spend such extended time – every day – in the Kruger or the Masai Mara – to virtually live alongside you all as you do your work.  To have got to know some leopards as individuals. To now have all this as a built-in part of my life.” – Anne

“…Saw one of your vehicles doing its thing in the Mara a few weeks ago when I was with my group. It was so AWESOME to see you doing what you do live, myself. THANK YOU, it means the world that you are sharing these amazing safaris into the homes of millions around the world! We will be back to visit again next year and many more years to come and will continue to help promote what you are doing to as much of our audience as possible.” – Tamar

“You guys rock. I’m amazed with the wonderful content and clarity you are able to bring every day – twice a day. I started watching when there were only 80 seats available! Keep up the great work!” – Vicki

“I am housebound due to a chronic illness, you guys have made it possible for me to escape and see the wilds. I have always preferred spending time in the bush, although the Aussie bush is slightly different to the bush in Kruger. In saying that, it is amazing the amount of similarities in the landscape. As an artist, I now spend a lot of my time deciding whether to work on pieces featuring Aussie animals, or the beautiful animals seen on your drives. So a big thank you for reigniting my passion for nature and conservation.” – Steph