The Cat Report – Episode 8

We find Tingana, the Duke enthroned upon a termite mound at sunrise. He embarks on a warthog hunt in the early morning mist before having his efforts thwarted by a hyena.

Although Tingana himself is not above scavenging and readily steals a meal hard-won by his own son, Hosana, with little care for sharing it with him.

Waffles faces a unique challenge as far as her cubs’ survival goes… she has elephants on the roof of her den. The rest of the North Clan are slowly integrating into life at the natal den site, coming to visit and interact with their monarch.

Kipuli embarks on a long patrol across the Mara Plains and encounters another male in his wanderings. But it’s a tender, affectionate greeting when he discovers it’s one of the young Sausage Tree boys that he’s been courting as a coalition mate.

The Nkuhumas are back on Djuma and first appear on the screen as a pile of snoozing cats but this apparent laziness belies the ominous nature of their recent nocturnal activities. As they stalk the woodlands intent on taking down prey with well-oiled precision, even the Duke, Tingana is not safe from their attentions.