The Cat Report – Episode 11

Tlalamba seems to be flexing her independence muscles lately and has been giving her mom, Queen Thandi, the runaround. We were recently left feeling very tense when they seemed to have completely lost track of one another.

Little Chief Hosana finds himself precariously situated between two stages of development at the moment – strapping and mature he may look, but in many regards he is still a clownish cub prone to the whims of youthful mischief and discovery even while he goes about the necessary chores of survival.

The little Wafflets still have a long journey to maturity ahead of them but in the meantime, Jamie is enjoying magical scenes in the Mara morning light as the cubs explore on wobbly legs all around the North Clan den site.

The lion dynamics really get very interesting during the migration as the normal rules don’t seem to apply and prides split up and mix up as necessity dictates. Kipuli has had his hands full chasing off intruders trying to mate with his conquest, one of the Owino females.

Meanwhile, one of the five Sausage Tree Pride lionesses has been missing from the pride for the last two months. In a magical wildlife moment, our suspicions of her pregnancy are confirmed and two tiny little Sausages are introduced to our screen as well as to the pride.