The Cat Report – Episode 5

Hosana is still refining his hunting skills and doing his best to monopolise every opportunity that presents itself in the way of a meal. But as if feeding himself isn’t enough of a task, his family members all seem to be taking it in turn to help themselves to his successes.

In this episode, we also meet one of the prides of lions that inhabit the Djuma woodlands – The Nkuhuma Pride – and with growing youngsters amongst their ranks with hefty appetites, it’s a good thing they are buffalo specialists!

Waffles has been keeping a secret… her bizarre activity patterns and isolation from the clan lately were clues to the fact that the matriarch of the North Clan has had a baby!

Kipuli strikes fear into most other male lions in the region and, with him courting the two younger Sausage Tree males as part of his coalition, he has definitely strengthened his position in the central Mara Triangle.