The Cat Report – Episode 7

The antics of the strangest leopard family in town continue as Hosana enjoys a rest on a comfy meat pillow, the squishy remains of his dinner, with hyena watching on.

Tingana engages with Thandi and Tlalamba in a rare moment of tender kinship.

The North Clan do what they do best and finish off the weak and wounded. A temporarily lucky zebra that escapes the jaws of both crocodile and lions finds itself mortally wounded and facing the dogged killing machines that are North Clan. But it doesn’t go down without a fight. The North Clan finish their kill under the envious gaze of the Paradise Pride, who watching from the opposite bank of the river.

It turns out that the matriarch of the North Clan has not one, but two tiny black cubs hidden in the natal den… and that spells double the trouble.

The lionesses of the Sausage Tree Pride take the bounty of the migration for granted and at the moment one hungry lioness is about to launch on her dinner, she discovers that no matter how exhausting the migration can be, wildebeest do fight back.

After Kakenya‘s disappearance, the Mara Triangle has been quiet on the cheetah front but Kakenya’s grown daughter, Naretoi, makes a surprise visit from Tanzania with her year-old male cub and they are hungry.