The Cat Report – Episode 10

There has been a constant food fight among the Djuma leopards of late. Hosana scented meat on the breeze, and followed it to Thandi’s kill. Her irritation at his arrival was warranted as she keeps losing out to other leopards at mealtime. Until recently, her snarls have been enough to depose the younger male leopard but things are changing and in an explosive demonstration of speed and strength Hosana usurps her kill and it is game on.

Tingana finds himself in a spot of bother when he goes on a morning patrol that takes him on a trajectory straight towards a snoozing male lion.

At the North Clan den site we are greeted by an adorable face peeking through the grass that we assume to be one of Waffles’ cubs but it attempts to suckle a different female. Does the North Clan have another new member in the clan?

The Sausage Tree Pride boys have moved on choosing to stay with Kipuli and his conquests further south. Two of the females have been missing from the remaining pride, probably busy with conquests of their own and Kinky Tail has sustained a wound.

The Owino Pride females are out and about and we find them dragging a young wildebeest carcass in spite of very fat bellies.

Kakenya has steered clear of the migration madness, hunting the Mara-Serengeti border where the shorter grass attracts her favourite Thomson’s gazelles. We encounter her back inside the Mara and hiding in the grass with some Thomson’s gazelles moving straight towards her with no idea she’s there.