The Cat Report – Episode 13

Tingana has proven himself the ultimate monarch in Western Kruger surviving his injury and near defeat at the hands of interlopers to emerge dominant over Djuma’s woodlands and is still very much superior over all other leopards in the region.

Hosana and Tlalamba must forge their individual ways into the future as they each become ever more independent and successful… something Hosana continues to do with much humour.

Jamie returns to SA to discover there is a hyena den on Djuma for the first time in over a year and so after having to bid farewell to Waffles and her clan, Jamie dives right into getting acquainted with matriarch Corky and her newest cub. But there is trouble in paradise as one of the new members of the Avoca male lion coalition sets his sights on Corky and her breakfast with devastating consequence.

For Brent, it has been amazing to spend time with the likes of the Sausage Tree and Owino Prides up in Kenya he is finding it equally awesome to be back in Djuma and spending time with Djuma’s resident pride, the Nkuhumas. The six subadults are growing steadily and as a collective, the Nkuhumas are living up to their reputation of being a buffalo-slaying force to be reckoned with. Things have been a little unsettled for the Nkuhumas lately because the male lion dynamics on Djuma have been in a state of flux with the original territory holders, the Birmingham Boys, moving south.

The three young Avoca males have moved in to occupy their turf in their absence. Tristan is catching up with the Sausages whose ranks are now reinforced with numerous fluffy cubs of apparently mixed heritage as different males have circulated through the pride.

The tail end of the migration filters out of the Mara under the watchful eye of every predator that must now turn to old ways to sustain themselves until the migration returns.